Another MYSTERY about Tia’s MYSTERY MAN in Ishqbaaz!

Wonder what it is?

Recently, Ishqbaaaz has been doing a great job at keeping the audience hooked. The tracks are getting better day by day and the show is developing at a rapid pace. We have earlier reported about the bride swap track that is inbound. Over the time, there have been a lot of speculations about Tia’s mystery man. But while browsing the internet, we came across an image made by a fan that is a major clue to who may be Tia’s mystery man!

All this while, we were under the impression that Daksh is Tia’s mystery man. However, after seeing this picture, we feel that the mystery man is none other that Robin! Yes! the guy who claims to be Tia’s brother!

If you take a close look at the pictures, both the men have a similar beard, trimmed hair, and a black stud.

But then we wonder, what about the locket that Tia got from her lover that says T&D?

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