Ashi Singh speaks about playing Naina in Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai

Yeh Un Dinon Ki Baat Hai is one of the most watched shows. The Randeep Rai and Ashi Singh starrer soap has managed to make a permanent place in the hearts of viewers. The Shashi Sumeet Mittal show is the real-life story of Shashi Mittal and Sumeet Mittal, and not only did it manage to bring back so many memories from the 90s, but it also narrated the story beautifully, making the viewers fall in love with the story.

And today, three years later, the show continues to be a favourite of everyone who has ever watched the show. In a recent conversation with India Forums, Ashi Singh, who plays Naina in the show, spoke about how her journey so far has been amazing and mind-blowing, how she has learned so many things from her character, so much that she says now, the person she is a mix of characteristics of Naina and Ashi herself. Ask her about her favourite scene from the show, she says how that is something difficult to point out since there are many, but she did enjoy the scene from Pooja’s (Didi) marriage, a scene from the Mount Abu sequence, and more. She pointed out how there are many scenes that have a visual appeal to it, like Naina and Sameer’s first meeting, or the ‘coke’ scene.

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