Avinash Sachdev OPENS up on SEPARATION with Shalmalee Desai

The actor has some light to throw on the matter..

A few days ago, there were reports about how actor, Avinash Sachdev and wife, Shalmalee Desai’s marriage have hit a rough patch.

And after all this while, Avinash has finally decided to open up on the rumours and address them.

According to a report in Bombay Times, Avinash mentioned that he has no clue on what’s the status of his marriage with Shalmalee.

He mentioned on how their families are trying their best to have the couple to get back together and sort out their differences, but there hasn’t been any substantial progress.

He added that he doesn’t know if Shalmalee and him will separate forever or will get back together. He concluded mentioning that he hopes whatever happens is in the best of both their interests.

We certainly hope that the couple is able to start afresh!

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