Badi Door Se Aaye Hai

Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai is an Indian comedy program on SAB TV. The show started on 9 June 2014, replacing Jeannie aur Juju at the 9.30 pm slot and from 28 June 2016 onwards it will take up the 10:00 p.m slot replacing sahib biwi aur boss and from 2 Nov it will again start airing at 9:30pm slot replacing “khidki”. and telecasts every Monday to Friday.It is about an alien family which lands on the Earth in search of their lost son.

Badi Dooooor Se Aaye Hai[5] is a story of an extraterrestrial family who come to earth with an aim to find their eldest and lost son, named 2015, whom they have been searching for on many planets.[6][7]

The spaceship of Alien family crashes in a jungle as they land on earth. After landing, they are shocked to see human civilization and its form. Later they realize that if they move around in their alien form they will be treated differently or may be taken captive for research and analysis, thus risking their existence. But since they get very strong clues of their lost son to be living on earth, they forcefully take the form of humans and secure their lives. Due to certain circumstances they reach Sunshine colony and become its residents. They call themselves Ghotalas. They then make friends and adapt into the human civilization, thus carrying their search on for their lost son. The alien family consists of Vasant, the head of the family, his wife Varsha, brother Sharad and two sons, Hemant, and Shishir. The residents of Sunshine Colony are unique and funny in their own different ways. At first, they found it difficult to accept the Ghotalas because they are weird and innocent but slowly they treated them as their own seeing their kind and selfless nature.

Through much trouble the Ghotala family finds out their son has been held captive at an evil Alien’s chamber. Also that this evil Alien 1313, is forcing 2015 into repairing a machine that if fixed, is capable of destroying the Earth. 1313 tries to fix the machine and since he can’t, it results in the sudden changes in climate such as snow to acidic rain. BAIR agents believe that the sudden climate changes are the cause of aliens, and they put the city on Red alert. 1313 calls the BAIR agents and tells them that he knows who is causing the climate change saying it is Vasant Ghotala. He requests them to bring his family and hand the aliens over to him so that he can carry out some research on aliens after he finds that he not only needs 2015, but his brother Hemant and Vasant in order to repair the machine. The Ghotala Family are blackmailed by the agents forcing them into revealing their truth to the agents. They arrive at the BAIR Agency and so does 1313. Both Vasant and 1313 fight and Vasant badly injures 1313. He is forced to heal 1313 using Hemant’s super power.

Meanwhile, Anna comes to know that Manav is actually an alien and he came on earth to help the Ghotala Family. Eventually his truth comes in front of the Ghotala Family and they find out the Manav is 100/100=1, High Command’s son. On the other hand, Ghotala Family defeats 1313 by tricking him into making himself a good person filed with love, As Love is immortal. Soon Aunty Laajo falls unconscious, and Manav uses his superpowers in order to save her life risking the fact that Uncle Ojha will find out that the actual Manav is dead. At the hospital Uncle Ojha disowns Manav and tells him to leave as he becomes dishearted over the news of his son’s death. Even though Ojha disowns him, all the colony members still love him as he is just like the actual Manav. Eventually Uncle Ohja comes to realize that he has another son and he should’t be depressed over his actual son’s death.

Since the Ghotala’s have their whole family and have finally found their son, they decide to leave as it would be the best thing to do for them and the colony members. As they are midway to their own planet, Samar (2015) is forced into telling the huge mistake, from here the new story that is season 2 of badi door se aaye hain starts . Samar tells that 2 years ago he came to earth and accidentally fell in love with a girl named Sona Chandi and got married to her. Through that marriage ha has a son named Maakhan. After their honeymoon he was captured by 1313 and stayed in his captivity till now. Because of this his father-in-law has been looking for him so that he could shoot him, and his family. To fix the blunder Samar made, the Ghotala family crash-land on Earth one more time. When Ghotalas meet Daulatram’s family Hemant gets in love with Daulatram’s 2nd daughter Heera Moti and meanwhile now Daulatram is investigating the Ghotala family,anna and shard finally get married. Daulatram while investigating falls in love with Laxmi Ghotala whom he thinks is the sister of Vasant but the truth being Laxmi itself is Vasant Ghotala and now Daulatram wants to marry her and the sunshine colony tries to close laxmi’s chapter but are not successful. Finally, they decide to tell the truth to daulatram and for more watch badi door se aaye hain.