#BB10: Check out the luxury budget task of this week!

And we must say, it will be the test of patience for one and all.

A few days back we had reported about the 4 nominated contestants of this week. And they are Jason Shah, Elena Kazan, Bani J and Rahul Dev.
And guess what? This week’s luxury budget task is completely in the hands of these 4 nominated contestants! Wondering how…?
Well, Bigg Boss plays his twist card and places the entire week’s luxury budget in the hands of these nominated contestants. The task is such that it will test the physical and mental patience of the nominated contestants and the safe ones as well.
Bigg Boss takes away all the basic amenities of the housemates and the nominated 4 have to keep cycling for the entire duration (day and night) of the luxury budget task. They can not stop cycling under any circumstances but can take turns at doing the task.
The housemates will now have to keep encouraging the nominated contestants, irrespective of whether or not they like them. But will the nominated contestants live up to the burden that Bigg Boss has put on their shoulders?

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