#BB10: Manu and Manveer accuse Bani of ‘BRAINWASHING’ Nitibha..!

…and making her ENVY the duo.

Early in the morning, Manu and Manveer are seen sharing their experience of the mall task with the housemates.

In a similar context, Manveer tells Manu that Nitibha’s reaction to their win was something very unexpected and it came across as if she was envious of them. Manu replies in affirmation and says that it’s Bani who is drilling all these thoughts into Nitibha’s head.

Soon after, Bigg Boss introduces the luxury budget task named BB Call Centre, wherein, the housemates are divided into two teams- call centre executives and customers.

While Manveer, Manu, and Lopa are given the responsibility of the call center executives, who have to patiently listen to their customers’ complain; Bani, Rohan, and Nitibha are asked to be the cranky callers. The executives have to maintain their composure and try to give a suitable solution to the customer’s problems and the customers have to make sure that they irritate the executives and instigate them to disconnect the call.

As Manu, Manveer and Lopa begin strategising and etching out a plan, they anticipate that Bani and Nitibha will become the troublemakers during the task.

As the buzzer rings, Rohan makes the first call to Manu from a phone booth placed in the garden area. He makes harsh remarks and rubs it in to irritate him. Rohan tells Manu that he is incapable of doing a task as simple as eating a bowl of rasagulla. He further adds that Manu always engages in backbiting about other contestants and labels it as entertainment. Rohan also says that Manu does not contribute to any household chore apart from cooking food. Manu listens to Rohan patiently and sustains the calls till the end buzzer rings.

Up next, the great rivals, Bani and Lopa get on the call. Bani makes most of this opportunity and says the nastiest things possible. From taunting her beauty pageant victory to doubting her shopping skills, Bani points out everything possible thing that will annoy Lopa. She even goes on to say that Lopa treats Rohan like her puppy dog who follows her around the house wagging his tail and following her instructions. After the call is done, Lopa justifies her stand in front of Rohan to neutralize the situation.

After Bani’s attempt goes unsuccessful, she nudges Rohan to reveal a couple of Lopa’s weak points. Rohan first takes this conversation lightly and ignores Bani’s request. Looking at Rohan’s reaction, Bani tells him that he is not playing the game sportingly enough and is just protecting his friend. After she prods him further, Rohan loses his cool and asks Bani to stop bothering him. Bani tries to explain her stand but Rohan refuses to listen. While they both indulge in a fight, onlookers Manu and Manveer nibble on a paratha while enjoying the drama.

As the day comes to a close, Manveer- Nitibha and Bani- Rohan try sort out their differences and make a fresh start.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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