#BB11: Amit Tandon Lashes Out At Rohan Mehra And Hina Khan Fans!

“I don’t know either Hina or Rohan, nor have I seen their work in their show,” claims Amit.

Bigg Boss Season 11 is sure responsible for fights taking place not only inside the house, but outside as well.
After the recent twitter war between Rohan Mehra and Gauahar Khan, Rohan has now locked horns with Amit Tandon, who clearly is not a Hina Khan supporter.
Amit Tandon apparently talked about Hina being a ‘bad actor’ when he was watching the episode of Hina Khan having a breakdown.
This critique on Hina Khan’s breakdown has offended Hina Khan’s strong supporter Rohan Mehra.
Rohan lashed out at Amit Tandon’s opinion. Here’s what Rohan said to Amit.

We got in touch with Amit who spoke to us at length about the issue. Says Amit, “It was nothing. I like watching Bigg Boss and when I saw that clip and the way she was speaking out loud and also glanced into the camera twice, I felt like she was being fake. In the past season as well, when the contestants are having a moment, we have seen them all run into the bathroom or the smoking room. Anyway, it was my opinion and I am entitled to it.”

“Soon after, I see Hina’s fans and my fans embroiled in some war and then I noticed some low lives who got very personal. I don’t mind people commenting and judging me on my acting, or looks, or my clothes or anything. But, the moment you get personal I’ll give it back 10 folds and that’s what I did. Somebody commented about my ex-wife who is in a troublesome situation in the middle east. And, that is when I mimicked Hina and got back at these trolls and also gave that expression,” he added further.

Adding further, he said, “As for Rohan and his post, I simply replied to him and asked him that – Dude, Are you talking about acting abilities on the basis of a shelf full of awards? Honestly, I don’t know either Hina or Rohan nor have I seen their work in their show. And I am not even judging Hina on her work in the show. I saw the clip and felt that she was acting and that’s my opinion that I voiced.”

Asked Amit if this backlash will stop him from voicing his opinion about the contestants and the show, he said, “No, I will keep doing it.”

We even tried getting in touch with Rohan Mehra, but could not get through.

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