#BB11: The housemates wreak HAVOC leading to yet another PUNISHMENT by ‘Bigg Boss’

They just don’t seem to understand and learn..

Over the years, Bigg Boss is known to produce some of the most brutal tasks, where housemates get physical and ruthless towards each other in order to win it.

And the same was introduced as a luxury budget task this past week too, where two teams were created and one had to force the other to give up by going all-out.

Evidently, there was a lot of drama and action (literally) in the house, but that wasn’t just limited to the task.

The viewers will get to see how team Vikas Gupta will win the task and will be given the power to choose the worst performers according to them. The team will choose Arshi and Jyoti for the same and they will join Vikas in the jail.

However, it seems this wasn’t enough for the housemates, as the trio will create a major ruckus in jail which will lead Bigg Boss to terminate the remainder of the task.

Post argument, they will try to escape from the jail and will manage to do so successfully which will get Bigg Boss even angrier. This will lead Bigg Boss to punish the whole house and he will announce that the housemates will not be getting any luxury budget this week, inspite of winning the task initially.

We wonder how will this be received by the other housemates who deserved the perks after winning the task.

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