#BB11: Zubair Khan EXPOSED, FIR to be filed against him!

A family member of Dawood has challenged the Bigg Boss Season 11 contestant’s many claims.

Zubair Khan has been making it to the news almost everyday for his brash behaviour in the ongoing season of Bigg Boss Season 11. Well, we all know how host Salman Khan deals with such people .
But looks like that is not all the trouble that Zubair may find himself in.
Zubair introduced himself to his co-contestants as being underworld don Dawood Ibrahim’s late sister, Haseena Parker’s real son-in-law. He also went on to claim that he was the producer of Shraddha Kapoor’s next on Haseena Parker, titled the same.
And the real’ co-producer of the film and a Dawood Ibrahim family member Sameer Antulay has strongly reacted to these rumours.
Sameer opened up about Zubair and his claims to a leading tabloid and was quoted as saying that Zubair was nowhere related to Dawood and his family and that he was lying for publicity. He also mentioned that the family would be approaching the cops and file an FIR against Zubair.
Sameer also mentioned how Zubair’s claims were false and he stated some facts.
According to Sameer, Haseena Parker has 2 daughters – Qudsia and Humeira of whom Qudsia (whom Zubair claimed to be his wife) is married to a businessman named Zaheer Shaikh. An infuriated Sameer said that he just wanted these rumours to end, so that his sisters’ lives are not affected.
Sameer has also claimed that Zubair did approach Haseena Parker herself to make a biopic but Haseena had refused

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