Neil and Avni to SEPARATE forever with this NEW entry in ‘Naamkarann’?

The couple keeps facing one problem after another…

Star Plus’ popular show, Naamkarann continues to present twists and turns in order to keep the audience glued as it has re-entered the top 10 shows this past week.

And now, with Dayavanti (Ragini Shah) being behind bars, Neil (Zain Imam) and Avni (Aditi Rathore) have slowly come closer as a couple inspite of Riya (Nalini Negi) and Ali’s (Gautam Vig) strategies.

However, their love and romance will be short lived as a new character will enter the show.

And that is none other than popular actress, Maninee Mishra, who will essay the role of Guru Maa.

It would be Dayavanti who will meet Guru Maa first in the jail, where they will turn friends-cum-allies. The background to Guru Maa’s story will connect to Neil, because of whom she is in jail. As obvious as it gets, this alliance between Dayavanti and Guru Maa will mean havoc for Neil and Avni in the future episodes!

The first move by this duo itself will lead to an instance where Neil and Avni may separate forever!

Are you excited about this new entry?

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