OMG! This actress decides to QUIT her show over ‘CREATIVE DIFFERENCES’

And she is replaced by another actress who has mixed feelings about the same

& TV show, Waaris has managed to create a huge impact for a long time and only a month ago, the show completed one year of run-time.

Post the leap in the show, things have got more intense where actress Roop Durgapal also played an important character.

We say ‘played’ now as according to a leading news daily, Roop has now been replaced by actress Vindhya Tiwary.

Roop entered the show barely three weeks ago and unfortunately, the makers have decided to replace her with Vindhya. It is being said that both the channel and the production house felt that Roop and the male lead Neel Motwani didn’t look good together and that the character had a certain requirement where Roop did not fit the bill.

Roop mentioned on how they parted ways over ‘creative differences’.

With regards to Vindhya, she has mixed feelings about joining the show, where she terms Roop’s replacement as unfortunate but takes this as a new chapter.

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