OMG! This person will find out about Samay’s ‘SECRET’ in ‘Beyhadh’!

Samay’s secret ‘alliance’ with Maya to get revealed finally.

Sony TV’s ‘Beyhadh’ is currently in the ‘torturing’ phase. Why do we say that? It is rather evident as Maya (Jennifer Winget) continues to churn out new ways to torture Vandana (Swati Shah) with her strategies.

Soon, the bar is going to be raised as Maya will go all out in an attempt to secretly torture Vandana and even destroy her phone so that she is trapped in the house quite literally.

Amidst all this, a major secret is all set to revealed.

The hidden secret about Samay’s (Piyush Sahdev) love for Maya and betrayal towards Saanjh (Aneri Vajani) is all set to be revealed to someone.

Of course, the viewers are aware about Samay’s two-faced approach, but now none other than Vandana will come to know about Samay’s secret.

Yes! That’s right.

While, Vandana is trapped and finding ways to get out, she will learn about Maya and Samay’s secret connection, unknown to Saanjh and Arjun (Kushal Tandon).

Shocked with the revealation, now Vandana has another task on her hands as she would try different ways to try and call Saanjh and warn her about Samay.

However, things cannot be that easy when Maya is at the helm of things right!

Will Vandana be able to warn Saanjh? How will Maya react when she gets to know this? Leave in your comments below..

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