Rudra-Soumya’s ‘SECRET MARRIAGE’ video leaked in Ishqbaaaz!

And guess who will be held responsible for this??

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz is a powerhouse of drama and the upcoming episodes will get more gripping and interesting as hatred for Anika will increase in the Oberoi mansion.

Tej will once again force Omkara to marry Chaddha’s daughter, as it will fetch him a good business deal, but this time, Rudra will step up to marry the girl. And since Soumya is inclined towards Rudra, she will not feel good about this. However, amidst all of this, Anika will get hold of a video containing Rudra and Soumya’s secret marriage and she will try to show the same to Shivaay.

The show will take a dramatic twist here, where somehow, the video will get into the hands of the media too and will then go viral.

What next?

Rudra’s alliance with Chadha’s daughter will be called off.

A source informs, “Tej will learn about Anika getting the video, and will blame her for all the nuisance. Pinky, who has always been anti-Anika, will also blame her for the problems created.”

The question that now remains is who forwarded the video from Anika’s phone?

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