SEPARATION on the cards for Shivaay and Anika in Ishqbaaaz?

Will the duo face yet another trying time?

Star Plus’ Ishqbaaaz currently has its viewers engrossed in gripping drama with both Shivaay and Anika’s pasts coming to fore. While Anika’s Naam, Khoon and Khandaan have become a topic of discussion and disbelief in the Oberoi mansion, Anika’s world will fall apart when Mahi will tell her that Pinky is neither his (Mahi) nor Shivaay’s mother.

On one side, where Anika is trying to bring Mahi to the Oberoi mansion to reunite him with Shivaay, his mother Pinky has brought in a bar dancer named Nayantara to pretend to be Anika’s birth mother, so that she can throw Anika out of Shivaay’s life.

While Shivaay starts to believe that Nayantara is Anika’s mother, Anika refuses to believe so. She feels that Nayantara is not her mother as she does not feel any emotional connect to her.

Also, seeing Pinky and Nayantara together many times, raises Anika’s doubts about whether or not Nayantara is actually her mother. Not to mention the fact that Nayantara blutters that she was the one who left Anika at the orphanage, also fuels doubts that Nayantara is lying.

Also, Anika too seems to recollect bits and pieces of her mother’s memories and recalls that her mother was definitely not a bar dancer.

And with so many clues and pieces of Nayantara’s story not matching to the facts that Anika and Shivaay have, the couple decides to dig out Nayantara’s truth.

And for that, the couple decides to separate. Anika and Shivaay plan and fake a fight. Will the duo succeed in unraveling Pinky and Nayantara’s plan?

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