Shivin Narang and Ssharad Malhotra gear up for Navratri

Actor Sharad Malhotra (hero of Muskaan) is excited for the days ahead as Navratri is around the corner. The actor says that he and his family have always fasted during these auspicious days. “Yes, I fast on these days. Earlier, I used to do it for all 7 days but since I am in Mumbai and am staying alone, I do it for two days; the first one and the last one. However, everyone in my family keeps it for seven days,” he says, adding, “I used to fast a lot in Navratri during school days but it gets difficult now especially due to the profession we are in. We are expected to look fresh as a daisy all the time. So, for that we need to eat healthy and that too at regular intervals, hence fasting does get very difficult.

Talking about the significance of the festival, Shivin Narang (Internet wala love) says, “We fast on Navratri as they say there are 9 devis, so there are a lot of things associated with each day of Navratri. These 9 days are very auspicious for any new work or anything to buy.” In fact, these fasts help keep you fit as well. “If not for a religious purpose, generally also the type of food and fruits we have during Navratri is good for health and detox purpose. I avoid non veg these 9 days,” he says.

And here’s his favourite part of the festival, he says, “The best part is the halwa chole poori served on the last day as prasad.”

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