Sudhanshu Pandey doesn’t believe allegations against Karan Oberoi

MUMBAI: Singer-actor Sudhanshu Pandey says he doesn’t believe allegation against his former A Band of Boys member Karan Oberoi, who has been accused of rape and extortion by a woman.

A complaint was lodged with the Mumbai Police on Sunday and charges under the Indian Penal Code sections 376 (rape) and 384 (extortion) were slapped against Karan. He was produced before a magistrate’s court which has remanded him to police custody till Thursday.

“I’ve known Karan Oberoi for almost two decades now. We were together in a band, but before that we’re working together as actors. We’re not just friends but we were neighbours at one point of time as well,” Sudhanshu said here.

“I know his family very well. His father was a decorated retired Army officer and was a Brigadier and war hero. His sister is a working professional here, his brother lives overseas. Karan himself was in Merchant Navy before he got into this profession.

“Karan has lived a disciplined lifestyle. He goes to bed at 9 p.m. and wakes up around 7 a.m. He doesn’t smoke or drink and never parties. We have seen Karan over the years, and we know, he would never do this… the kind of allegation has been put on him. We do not believe them, and among us, Karan was the most chivalrous,” he added.

Sudhanshu said he hasn’t seen him talking to girls in a “high voice or ever mistreated someone”.

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