The Associate Director of Sasuraal Simar Ka was really mean to me : Udann actress Meera Deosthale

There are thousands of actors who play supporting roles to the protagonists, give the film a new lease of credibility and are as, if not more, talented than the main leads. However, they do not receive as much fame and stardom as they deserve.

However, some do manage to succeed as time passes and it is not only hardwork and sheer dedication but also a bit of luck which favours you to taste success.

We have a lot of celebrities who are a part of the industry and are very successful. One of them happens to be the Udnan actress, Meera Deosthale.

While Udann is the show through which she gained immense fame and popularity, Meera also worked very hard to reach this stage in his career. While she strated her career with Sasural Simar Ka, it was Dilli Wali Thakur Gurls with which she gained popularity playing one of the girls and post that, she bagged Udann.

In a recent chat session, Meera mentioned an incident from her initial days of her career.

She said, “The Associate Director of Sasuraal Simar Ka was really mean to me back then. When I shot for Udann as the lead girl, the dynamics and the way he addressed me changed totally. He addressed me as “ma’am”. All I want to say is that time changes and one should never il treat or look down upon anybody.”

Well said Meera.

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