The Great Indian Laughter Challenge drops telecast of Shyam Rangeela mimicking Modi

The actor speaks about the controversy in detail.

It seems to be raining controversies for The Great Indian Laughter Challenge. After the recent Malika Dua and Akshay Kumar controversy, another controversy regarding the producers has stemmed up.

Contestant Shyam Rangeela, who is best known for his videos mimicking Modi, was asked to do a similar act which later wasn’t aired as the production thought that people would protest against the show.

Shyam also said that he received a call from Star Plus to shoot another episode mimicking Rahul Gandhi, which he thought was a good chance. Later, the production team refused to air that episode too, since they anticipated controversies if the episode was telecast.

With changes to happen on the show soon, it will interesting to see what follows.

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