This person will SAVE Ananya aka Avni from Amol’s ATTACK in ‘Naamkarann’

Amol aka Aman wants to get rid of his own sister, Ananya aka Avni for a reason

Star Plus’ drama, ‘Naamkarann’ is finally heading to one of the most important tracks, which actually explores the original crux of the show – the true identity of oneself.

Currently, Ananya aka Avni (Aditi Rathore) is shown juggling a lot of problems, where on one hand, she has to keep her identity hidden from Neil (Zain Imam) and Ali (Gautam Vig), and on the other hand, she has a brand new challenge in the form of her brother, Aman who is now Amol (Sushant Mohindru).

Amol is a spoilt brat who is also disrespectful and cunning towards others. The viewers have already witnessed how Amol is the culprit behind the accident that occurred with Neil. However, now that Amol has come to know that a certain Ananya is a witness to this accident, he is on a mission to find her and teach her a lesson.

The precap showed how Amol will be successful in finding out where Ananya resides and will land up at her place.

But here is what will happen later.

As Amol along with his friend barge into Ananya’s residence, they will spot her and will try to attack her. Ananya aka Avni has already seen what this spoilt Aman aka Amol is capable of when he hurt a servant for not obeying him.

It would be an emotional roller coaster for Avni as she realises that this person is her own brother, Aman and that he is a changed man, courtesy Dayawanti (Reema Laggoo).

Fortunately, in the nick of time, Neil would come and save Ananya from Amol’s attack. Neil and Ananya have a love-hate relationship but when it comes to her safety, Neil is protective towards her.

Will Amol’s truth be revealed? Will Avni be successful in changing Amol to Aman once again? Only time will tell.

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