You have to be good friends with your co-stars to work well: Pearl V Puri

The good looking and popular actor Pearl V Puri, who is currently seen on Life OK’s supernatural series Nagarjun (Beyond Dreams), has wrapped up his shoot as the show is set to go off-air this month.

Pearl, who has always been fond of Superheroes, is happy to have gotten an opportunity to play the part of Arjun (half snake and half human) in the daily and he admits that he got to learn a lot and it’s been a new experience for him. In a conversation with, he shares with us, “It was really a good journey and I have learnt a lot. Nagarjun was very different from what I have done before.”

“It had a lot of action sequences so I got to learn about how to be friendly with harness and stunts. I also got used to wearing lenses. It was very difficult to put the lenses, remove and to perform with them. It was also very difficult to enact action sequences wearing them but I am happy with the overall experience.”

Pearl has always been linked up with his co-stars during his previous two shows Badtameez Dil and Meri Sasu Maa. When we ask him about it, he clarifies, “There is nothing like that. This was my third show and I didn’t have any link up here and I was not dating Asmita (Sood) or Hiba (Nawab). It’s always like whoever you get to work with, you spend maximum time with them and get along very well. You have to be friends with your co-stars and if you don’t, you won’t be able to work. You always end up being very good friends with them and people make news saying that we are in a relationship. It has happened before and luckily it didn’t happen this time. Hiba and I are very good friends.”

There was a lot of controversy going on in the media about your break up with Asmita. What’s the truth? Pearl replies, “Controversies are a part of the industry. You accept it or not, it will happen. It’s always like if two friends fight then it’s very normal and won’t become news but if a girl friend and boy friend fight then it becomes news. It was something similar. It was not a break-up because there was never a relationship. It was good friendship. Like it happens in every friendship that we fight and then we start talking, similarly if Asmita and I get to meet, we chat nicely. Everyone is my friend; I don’t fight with anyone.”

There was a buzz that Pearl avoids talking to everyone on the set of Nagarjun post his controversy on the set of Meri Sasu Maa. “I was very much into my character. It was a role of my interest where I was playing half human and half snake. I connect with Superhero movies a lot and I have been watching them since childhood. I had to put in a lot of effort to be in my character. I always wanted to sit with my script to work more on my role. The second thing is that I entered the show later so I got to know everyone later but everyone is a good friend of mine here.”
We also ask Pearl to reveal about his plans ahead and whether he would be choosy about taking up roles. He says, “I have always been choosy on picking roles. I played a Rockstar in Badtameez Dil and even Sattu was different in Meri Sasu Maa. Playing a superhero was totally different and I would like to do something different further too. I am planning to spend some time with my family first before taking up new work.”
Good luck, Pearl.

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