Samaira/Shikha plans to separate Aditya and Madhu for revenge in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Aditya confesses to Samaira that he killed Shikha on Madhu’s insistence and Shikha’s murder was planned by Madhu after getting a child from her. Samaira doesn’t believe him. Aditya promises to proof that he is innocent. Shikha informs her parents Avinash and Sudha about Aditya telling her a different story. They don’t believe Aditya. Aditya tries to prove Madhu’s reality, but in vain.

Avinash sees Mohanto playing with Arnav. Sunaina tells him that Mohanto kicked Aditya and Madhu out of the house, but he let them come after Arnav was born. Aditya asks Samaira to give him one more chance. Avinash informs Shikha that Avinash might be saying the truth as Mohanto accepted them seeing Arnav.

Aditya takes Madhu on a surprise dinner. Samaira hides and hears their talks. Aditya makes Madhu drinks a lot and after that she gets inebriated. Madhu accepts that it was her plan to Kill Shikha to get back to Mohanto’s property. She tells him that she just took Shikha’s life for her victory. She falls unconscious. Aditya thanks God as she didn’t take his name. Shikha gets shocked and starts walking on the road. She is about to get hit by the truch, but Neeraj saves her on time. He tells her that he couldn’t go. Shikha tells him about Madhu being the mastermind of her murder. She plans to take revenge from Madhu and Aditya.

Samaira comes to Jagannath Mansion. Aditya asks her if she forgives him. Samaira hugs him. She says, her confusion is cleared. She asks him to divorce Madhu and unites with her. Aditya agrees. Samaira gets happy. Aditya leaves. Samaira tells Neeraj that she will destroy Madhu and Aditya’a married life. Aditya talks with the lawyer, who informs him that if he divorces Madhu that he have to give her 100 crores and he won’t get anything from Jagannath Group. Lawyer says, if Madhu herself divorces him then he doesn’t have to pay her.

Aditya tells Samaira that he couldn’t divorce Madhu because of Prenuptial agreement and tells everything. Samaira asks him. If he really loves her. Aditya says, he is helpless and asks her to give him some time to arrange the money. Samaira informs Neeraj about the prenuptial agreement. She gets an idea and calls Aditya. She tells him that she wants to spend a romantic night with him. Aditya gets happy while Neeraj is shocked. Neeraj confronts Samaira.

Samaira tells him that she is doing the right thing and asks him to help her. Neeraj refuses to help her in this matter. Samaira books a hotel room on Mr and Mrs. Aditya. She books flight tickets and tells Aditya of her plan. Madhu gets a call from the hotel receptionalist confirming the room booking. Madhu gets happy and thinks Aditya is giving her surprise. Samaira drops the tickets and tells Madhu that she is leaving for switzerland. Madhu gets happy about the surprise and calls Aditya’s secretary. She thinks to surprise him as well. Aditya and Samaira are in her room. Samaira hugs him. Aditya compliments her beauty. They start dancing on the song Teri bahon me………..Aditya tries to get romantic with her. Madhu is heading towards the hotel thinking about the surprise. Samaira gives surprise to Aditya, snow fall. He recalls giving snow fall surprise to Shikha. They both get in the room.

Madhu comes and takes the keys from the receptionalist. Madhu walks towards e the room. Samaira is opening the champagne bottle, but Aditya stops her and he doesn’t want her to get inebriated. He lifts her and drops on the bed. Madhu comes inside the room and is shocked to see them on the bed together. She gets shocked. She questions Aditya and starts breaking the things around. She says, this was the reason for his happiness.

Samaira asks her to stop shouting. Madhu blames her for sleeping with her husband. Madhu is about to slap her, but Samaira stops her. Reporters comes and asks Madhu, why she is slapping Samaira? They say Samaira is her company’s brand ambassador. Madhu doesn’t reply and leaves. Aditya too leaves. Samaira tells the reporters that something went wrong than they planned.

Samaira tells Aditya that it will be easy for him to get divorce from Madhu. Aditya gets happy and hugs her. Madhu asks her lawyer to prepare divorce papers. Mohanto, Avinash and the rest of family watches the news about Madhu trying to slap Samaira. Neeraj tells Madhavi that Samaira went with her plan. Avinash tells Mohanto that Madhu did a mistake by slapping Samaira. Mohanto decides to talk to Madhu. Madhu comes and tells Avinash that it was his mistake. Keep reading.