Aanchal’s spirit enters Ria’s body during eclipse to get her love Abhi in Tum Aise Hi Rehna.

In Tum Aise Hi Rehna, Dadisaa asks Kammo to bury Aanchal’s things in the jungle. Kammo gets greedy and thinks to take those things to her house later and hides it in the box for time being, but the servants keep the box in the store room. Aanchal thinks she got the safest room to stay and thinks she will get the entire house son. Ria mingles with her family and plays carrom board. She tells that she met Abhi in the hospital when he had a leg injury. Abhi plays the guitar and sings Mujhko Irade De………………Aanchal eyes him and reminiscence their college days. Abhi holds Ria and kisses her. They hug each other. Everyone claps for them. Abhi says when I saw you for the first time then realized that my day and night are because of you. Aanchal gets angry and makes the fan fall on her. Ria tries to go, but her pallu gets stuck in the table.
The fan falls on Ria. Everyone shouts. Abhi moves the table and holds Ria. She says she is fine. Everyone get worried. Aanchal says it is just a trailor. She can make the happy moment sad in a minute. She can’t see anyone dancing, singing and talking with Abhi. The thief steals the spiritual chain from Abhi’s car given by the guruji in the night. Abhi sits in his car and looks for it. He wonders what to reply to Rukmani as the chain is stolen. Ria tells that some things are stolen from her room. Rukmani asks what is it? Ria says her pink clothes. Rukmani says Kiran wear that dress. Rukmani says Abhi gave her dress to Kiran. Rukmani says you didn’t do the right thing. She says you blamed family members and calls her shame of the house. Aanchal smirks happily.
Kiran comes and hugs Ria. She says the dress was praised by her friends. Revathi takes her inside. Rukmani tells Ria not to tell anything to Kiran. Dadisaa explains to Ria about the delicateness of the relation. Ria is in her room. Electricity went off. She looks for candle and sees her wardrobe opening and gets scared. She thinks to call Abhi and bends down to take her phone. She sees Aanchal wearing her lehenga. She gets scared. Aanchal scares her with her laugh. She goes to the washroom and sees a glimpse of Aanchal in the mirror. Aanchal goes inside the wardrobe. Ria gets shocked and cries.
Rukmani comes. Ria signs her towards cupboard. Rukmani opens it and sees the lehenga. She scolds Ria for accusing Kiran for theft when she has her lehenga in her wardrobe. Ria says it was missing before, but Rukmani doesn’t believe her. Ria tells everything to Abhi. Abhi listens to her worriedly. Ria says it is unlogical as a medical student, but it is happening with her. Abhi makes her sit and tells her that Aanchal’s death have troubled us very much. He says we have to take psychiatrist help. Abhi thinks Ria is feeling guilty that she couldn’t save Aanchal. Ria goes to the washroom to take a shower. Aanchal comes there shocking Ria. She throws water on the floor and makes Ria fall. Abhi comes to her rescue and makes her sit on the bed.
Ria tells him that Aanchal made her fall in the bathroom. Abhi applies balm on her wound and thinks she is thinking too much. Ria sees Aanchal standing right infront of her and tells Abhi. He says no one can come in between us. Abhi gets romantic with Ria. Aanchal cries and blood comes out of her eyes. Aanchal tries to enter into Ria’s body, but gets pushed away because of the mangalsutra’s strength. She goes in the jungle and cries.
Aanchal goes to the tantrik and seeks his help. She wants to get her love through entering Ria’s body. Tantrik says you can’t get your love as she is more stronger than you. She has the strength of love, mangalsutra and sindoor. Aanchal requests him to help her. He tells her that eclipse is coming after so many years and asks her to enter into Ria’s body during that time. Aanchal thanks him and thinks she will get Abhi while residing in Ria’s body. Guruji comes to Maheshwari’s house and feels something. Guruji says he is feeling the presence of negative energy and asks for a lemon. He starts following the direction leading him towards the storeroom. Rukmani is about to open the door and just then hears Ria’s scream.
They go to Ria and finds her burning hand. Ria says just now she kept the milk on gas and it boiled in a sec. Guruji says it is because of that spirit. He asks Ria to be careful as the spirit is around her. He tells about the eclipse which will make the spirit stronger. Ria says she doesn’t believe on all this being a doctor. Rukmani asks her to do as Guruji says. Guruji says he will do the havan until the eclipse starts. Ria opens the door of her room and finds Guruji marking the line with something. He then places lemon on it and tells Ria not to cross this line until eclipse is finished. Rukmani gives her Gangajal given by Guruji.
She calls Abhi and informs him about Guruji asking her to stay in the room until the eclipse is over. However Gangajal falls on the table. Guruji do the puja at home. Aanchal tries to enter Ria’s room, but couldn’t. She thinks if I can’t go then Ria can come outside. She calls the tantrik there and asks for his help. Tantrik comes to Ria in Kammo’s face and asks her to come outside to give sindoor to Guruji. Ria refuses to come outside until Rukmani or Abhi ask her to. Abhi comes home. Tantrik takes Abhi’s face and pretends to falls down. He shouts taking Ria’s name. Ria gets panic and rushes out of the room. Aanchal smirks. Guruji and everyone come there and asks Ria to go back to her room fast, but before she could run, Aanchal enters her body. Ria gets unconciousness. Later she gets up and insists to rest. Guruji insists to do the aarti, but she refuses. Abhi massages her neck. Aanchal stares him and asks him to get closer to her. Keep reading.