Aditi Sharma talks on her birthday celebrations!

Aditi Sharma the Kaleerein girl celebrated her birthday on wednesday night. Talking about how she feels when her friends could make it to her party even in heavy rains she says,”I celebrated my birthday with my friends and family, I am glad that my friends could make it in spite of heavy rains”
On being asked what gifts she got she said, “My mother designed and gifted me the birthday dress which I wore and my father gifted me a diamond ring. I am really glad that everybody came to celebrate my birthday.” She further adds, “I donated my old clothes, old bags which I wasn’t using and were just in my cupboard to an orphanage.”

Aditi is great friends with renowned casting director Rupesh Sonar. On her association with him she says, “Rupesh Sonar has been a constant support for many years now. He is managing me and is like a family member. In fact, he is like a magician who can arrange and do everything and anything. He is one of the sweetest and the kindest person I know in Mumbai.”

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