Aditya confesses Samaira to have killed Shikha on Samaira’s insistence in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Shikha returns as singing sensation Samaira to take a revenge from her husband Sameer/Aditya. She is fighting to get her son Manav back. Aditya comes to know about Neeraj. He gets Samaira’s pics from him. He warns Shikha to be careful with Neeraj. Shikha thinks she have to stop Neeraj from getting into Aditya’s hands. Jai and Aarya plan to meet Aditya’s enemy. Shikha and Avinash come to Sudha and gives her flight tickets so that she can go with Vineet and Mahi.

Aditya hires a detective to get information about Neeraj. Shikha meets Neeraj and asks him to go away as Aditya saw him. Neeraj refuses to go and says he will fight with her. Shikha says, that’s why she didn’t want to allow him or her family in the fight. Neeraj says, she shouldn’t ask him to leave. Shikha tells him that she can’t lose him because of Aditya. Neeraj agrees. Shikha burns her diary and photos, but Neeraj takes her diary from the fire as he doesn’t want her memories to go. Neeraj asks her to keep the diary with her. Shikha agrees.

Madhu comes to Aditya’s cabin. He asks her to have lunch with him. She refuses to eat and tells that she is not hungry after getting slapped by him. He apologizes to her. Madhu says, she was angry as he slapped her for Samaira. Aditya says, it was needed to calm her dad and asks her to have food. Detective calls Aditya and informs him that Neeraj is going towards Airport. Shikha drops Neeraj at the airport. He gives her diary and asks her to take care of herself. Aditya comes there and sees them together. He gets doubt on Samaira.

Aditya follows Samaira and sees her keeping a dairy on the locker. He asks the bank manager to give Samaira’s bank locker keys. Manager refuses. Aditya threatens him taking Jagannath group name. Manager gives him keys. Jai and Aarya get Neeraj’s sketch in Aditya’s cabin and decides to search him before Aditya. Aditya opens the locker and is shocked to see Shikha’s diary. He calls Samaira and asks he to meet him immediately.

Sudha gets worried for Shikha. Mahi calls Shikha. Shikha tells her that she is fine and going to meet Aditya now. Sudha asks her not to go. Shikha says, she have to go. Shikha reaches the same temple where Aditya pushed her from the cliff. She calls Aditya. Aditya comes there and tries to push her from the cliff. He shows her Shikha’s dairy and asks her what relationship she has with Shikha Gupta. He asks her to tell the truth else he will push her. Samaira asks him to leave her hand and calls him Sameer Verma.

Aditya pulls her back after hearing his name. He acts as if he is unware of the name Sameer Verma. Shikha tells him that she researched on him and came to know that he killed Shikha. She says, Neeraj gave her Shikha’s dairy and she also believes in Avinash’s book. Aditya refuses to accept his crime and says Shikha committed suicide. Shikha thinks, he is a big liar. She asks him, if he will kill her too. Aditya says, no as he loves her a lot. Samaira ends her relationship with Aditya. Samaira says, she cannot spend her life with a murderer. Shikha tells Avinash about Aditya believing on her story.

Aditya comes home and shouts at Madhu. He thinks if he doesn’t get Samaira then he will go mad. He goes to her room and says she can’t away from him. Samaira says, she cannot believe him now after he destroyed Shikha’s life. Avinash comes there. They have lunch with Mohanto’s family. Aditya doesn’t have food and leaves.

Aditya takes Shikha to a isolated place. Aditya threatens her with a gun and asks her to listen to him. Samaira says, he just know to kill the people. Aditya says, he loves her more than himself and if she doesn’t listen to him then he will kill himself. Shikha asks him to stop the acting. Aditya tells her that Madhu is the culprit behind Shikha’s murder. He says, she planned everything. Samaira doesn’t believe him.

Aditya tells the story that Madhu was a spoilt woman and was kicked out of the house by Mohato because of her drinking habits. However Madhu was adamant t get back to home. He tells her that Madhu came to know that she cannot become a mother again. Aditya suggested that they will adopt a child or go for surrogacy, but Madhu refuses citing legal issues. She plans to use an innocent girl for getting an heir. She shows him Shika’s profile on some matrimonial site. Samaira/Shikha is shocked to know the truth. Keep reading.