Aditya and Samaira get married, Samaira starts taking revenge from Aditya and Madhu in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Madhu comes to the wedding of Aditya and Samaira. She pretends to act madly and insists Mohanto to let her stay at home. Jai informs the doctor. Nurses and Doctor come there and forcefully tries to take her. Samaira stops her and requests Mohanto to let Madhu stay in the house as she will get fine if stays with the family members. Mohanto agrees with Samaira and gets impressed with her.

Samaira and Aditya sit for their marriage. Madhu tells Sunaina that she wants to sit behind Aditya and Samaira. Sunaina let her go. Madhu sits behind them. She waits for an opportunity and pours kerosene on Samaira’s dupatta. She then lights the dupatta and silently goes from there.

Samaira’s dupatta catches fire. Sunaina notices it and alerts everyone. Avinash sets off the fire with his hands and gets his hands wounded. Samaira feels sad for her Dad. Madhu asks Avinash to let Samaira get burnt. Everyone suspect her. Mohanto shouts at her. Madhu pretends to get unconscious. Sunaina asks Jai to take her to room.

Samaira and Aditya sit for the marriage rituals. They get married after taking the pheras. They take elders’ blessings. Samaira goes to Madhu’s room and tells Sunaina that she will take care of Madhu. Sunaina gets impressed by her. Madhu thinks what is going on in her mind.

Sunaina gifts necklace to Samaira. Samaira gets emotional. Madhu is restless. Samaira comes to her and informs her that she got married to her husband. Samaira burns Madhu’s saree and pretends to shout to help. Aditya pours water on Madhu’s saree. Mohanto asks how did this happen. Samaira says Madhu was playing with lighter and lit her saree with it.

Aditya waits for Samaira in his room and says I love you. Neeraj hears Sudha and Avinash’s conversation about Samaira with Aditya. He thinks of a plan. Samaira comes to her room. Aditya tells her that he have a surprise for her. Aditya tries to get close to Samaira, but Samaira stops her. She tells him that she is tired. Aditya says, no more excuses and gets closer to her. Samaira closes her eyes. Aditya is about to kiss her. when he gets a call from his office. He gets shocked to know that his office cabin is burnt. Otherside Neeraj is seen burning the cabin. Aditya informs Mohanto.

They go to the office. Aditya sees the cabin burnt and thinks to pick up the remaining files. Samaira sees Neeraj’s keychain and silently picks it. She thanks Neeraj. They come back home. Mohanto informs Avinash and Aarya that only Aditya’s cabin is burnt. Aditya comes back home and apologizes to Samaira. He tells her that he is tired and goes back to sleep. Next morning, Samaira wakes up Aditya by putting his finger in hot tea. Aditya wakes up. She asks him to go to office and makes him drink tea.

Samaira tells Aditya that she wants to adopt Arnav legally to become his mother. Aditya says, what was the need. Samaira says, she will be happy and will think Arnav is the wedding gift for her from his side. Aditya says, he will talk to Mohanto. She thanks him. Sudha calls Samaira. Samaira tells her that Neeraj saved her from Aditya and tells her that she will ruined Aditya once she gets Manav legally. She says, she will be his step mom for the world. Sudha informs Mahi about Neeraj saving Shikha.

Sunaina and Mohanto play with Arnav. Aditya comes to them and says Samaira wanted to adopt Arnav legally. He says, Samaira wants Arnav to think her as his real mom. Mohanto doesn’t agree for adoption. Sunaina agrees with mohanto, shocking Aditya. Samaira comes and emotionally blackmails them. She says, they are right. Samaira feels bad as she married Aditya for Manav and still couldn’t get him. She hugs Manav and cries.

Avinash informs Sudha, that Mohanto refused to let Samaira have Arnav legally. Sudha gets shocked. Seeing Samaira sad, Aditya promises her that he will get him Arnav legally. He will somehow manage to convince Mohanto. Samaira gets happy and hugs him. Mr. Vajpayee comes to meet Mohanto to invite him for school inauguration. He thinks Samaira is Arnav’s mom. Samaira clears to him that she is his step mom. Mohanto gets tensed.

Samaira makes Madhu’s life difficult. She tries to feed her rotten fruits. Madhu throws it on the floor. Samaira tells Sunaina that Madhu was insisting to eat it. Madhu thinks what to do. She then forcibly makes Madhu take the tablets and says that she will go more mad with the medicines. She tells her that she will go to honeymoon with Aditya soon and will send her video to watch. Madhu gets angry.

Jai asks Aditya to leave the house else he threatens to show the video to Mohanto. Aditya gets tensed and tells Samaira about Jai’s threat. Samaira feels good to see Aditya in tension. She tells him that she will help him out. She shows him chip containing Aditya’s confession. Aditya gets relieved and thanks her. Meanwhile Jai and Aarya are shocked to know that the chip is stolen and they can’t throw Aditya now.

Aditya gets closer to Samaira and tells her that he couldn’t make her feel special yesterday. He promises to make love tonight. Samaira gets tensed. She pushes him and tells him that she won’t get him so easily and runs. Servant comes and informs them about Mohanto’s not feeling well. They rush to him. Doctor tells that he will be fine. Samaira tells him that it happens if someone places an evil eye. She says, she will call the pandit. Mohanto says, he doesn’t believe in it. Samaira insists.

Samaira brings Pandit with her. He tells Mohanto that his grah is not working well and says your son have to clean the house for his health. Aarya says, Jai went to Mumbai. Samaira asks Aditya to clean the house as he is like a son to Mohanto. Aditya gets shocked. Samaira gives him bucket and sweeper and asks him to start with the bathroom. Aditya gets shocked. She makes him clean the toilet and keeps reminding him that Mohanto will make him MD of his company. Aditya gets forced to clean the store room. Samaira feels good to see him suffer. Keep reading.