Anway shakes hands with Dhruv and Saanchi to expose Suparna in Sony’s Jee Le Zara.

In Jee Le Zara, Suparna plans to make Saanchi lose her baby. She orders sandwich from outside. She mixes some medicine and thinks Saanchi will go to Panchgani if she eats it. She goes to Saanchi and asks her to eat it. Saanchi refuses. Dhruv says, he will eat the sandwich. Suparna says, she has made it for Saanchi and if she approves it then she will make it for everyone. Saanchi takes the sandwich to eat, just then Anway comes and says he will eat first as he is her husband. He eats it while Suparna gets shocked.

Some journalist comes to take Neena’s interview. They start questioning Neena about Yash. Neena says, Yash is very hardworking and praises him. They tell her that if she is hiding her husband’s unsocial activities. Neena says, Yash is out of country. Suparna comes and says they can buy anything with money. Neena asks her to stop. Saanchi comes and tells them that Yash came to Mumbai with just 5000 Rs. He build his empire with his hard work and intelligence. She praises him. Dhruv gets impressed with her.

Anway feels pain in his stomach. Suparna tells him that she added lots of herbs in the sandwich. Dhruv and Saanchi plan to catch Suparna red handed. Anway hears them and suspects Suparna. Anway offers to help them in exposing Suparna. Anway asks Suparna to take care of Isha’s kids for a day. Suparna gets irked. She punishes the kids. Neena sees them holding their ears and standing. Kids complain to her saying Suparna punished them which Saanchi never does. They go to Saanchi’s room.

Saanchi feed them food and tells them story. They get happy and hugs her. Neena sees Saanchi mingling and handling kids well. Neena goes to Suparna’s room and sees her sleeping. She feels sad. Neena talks to her sister. She praises Saanchi and asks Neena about her desire of having grand child. Neena says, she will talk to her later. Nani and Aaji come to Saanchi’s house. Saanchi gets happy. Neena excuses herself. Suparna informs the grannies that Saanchi cannot become a mother. They get shocked.

Aaji and Nani tell Saanchi about the science advancements. Saanchi apologizes to them for not being able to fulfill their wish. Aaji says it is God’s wish and feels sad. Saanchi tells them that Dhruv and Neena are very supportive of her. Neena sees Saanchi not telling anything about her to her grannies. Neena goes for the function. After coming back, She asks Suparna to have a child as she can’t hope with Saanchi. Suparna thinks about Raman and Shruti and gets irked. She promises her to give her the heir. Neena hugs her.

Neena calls Yash. He tells her that he is coming soon and will throw Saanchi out of Dhruv’s life. Anway meets with Saanchi and Dhruv. He plans to catch Suparna red handed. Anway comes home and invites Suparna for dinner. Suparna refuses. Anway says ok and offers to bring parcel for her. He informs her that Saanchi and Dhruv are coming for dinner. Suparna thinks of a plan and agrees to come with him.

Saanchi asks Neena to come with them, Neena refuses. Suparna removes car’s door lock. Anway asks her what she is doing. Suparna makes an excuse. She offers to drive the car and asks Saanchi to sit with her. Suparna starts driving the car rashly. Anway, Dhruv and Saanchi ask her to lower the speech. Car door opens and Saanchi is about to fall. Anway asks Suparna to stop the car. Saanchi gets down the car and vomits. Anway scolds Suparna.

They come home. Dhruv tells Neena about Saanchi vomiting outside the car. She asks him to take her to doctor in the morning. Neena gets worried for Saanchi. Suparna says, Saanchi is fine and asks her not to check on her. Dhruv makes Saanchi drink juice. He says, they will take an appointment with another doctor. Suparna hears and thinks she won’t allow Saanchi to go to another doctor.

Everyone sit for breakfast. Suparna drops Banana cover on the floor and asks Saanchi to sit with her. Saanchi is about to step her foot on the banana cover when Dhruv asks her to sit with him. Servant comes and slips. Anway and Dhruv leave for office. Saanchi looks at Neena, but she ignores her. Suparna thinks she has to do everything fast as her plans are failing badly. Neena asks servant to call the AC mechanic. Suparna says, she will call the mechanic. She asks the mechanic to go to Saanchi’s room instead of Neena’s room. Keep reading to know how Suparna’s plans fails.