#BB10:After Mona’s fiance, Manu’s fiancee lashes out at Mona!

Looks like Mona is the only one at the receiving end on both sides.

A few days back, we reported about how Mona’s fiance Vineet Singh Rajpoot was now ‘not sure’ of their alliance after seeing Mona’s closeness with co-contestant Manu Punjabi. After him, it is now Manu’s fiance Priya who has spoken up about the duo’s closeness.

Priya, while speaking to a leading daily called Monalisa a despo and stated that she hated her. She went on to say how Mona has been surviving in the house only because she has teamed up with Manu and Manveer and how she would have been ousted from the show hadn’t it been for the duo.

Unlike Vineet, Priya has shown complete faith in her fiance and has maintained that Manu is playing along with Monalisa just for the sake of the game. Priya told the daily that Manu was friendly with all of his other female friends.

Priya, however, confessed that she too, like every other normal girl would obviously get insecure and recalled that when Many sang a song for Mona, she broke down because that was the same song that Manu used to sing for Priya as well. But she also maintained her stand that she trusted her fiance completely.

Priya also happened to mention that once Manu is out of the Bigg Boss house, they would have a Goa wedding and signed off.

Looks to us like Monalisa is the one who gambled and lost here!

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