Bengali TV actors on what they learned from 2018 and their New Year resolutions

MUMBAI: A new year indicates new beginnings and thinking about the lessons that we learned from the previous year. Our television actors are no different. So business loan caught up with a few small-screen actors of Bengal to know what has been their biggest learning in 2018 and what their New Year resolutions are. Read on to know!

Chandni Saha: I have put on my wall a quotation that I happened to come across, ‘Life begins at the end of your comfort zone.’ In 2018, I have learned very well that actually life begins at the end of our comfort zone, and at the end of the day, one becomes habituated with that. I do not have any New Year resolutions. I just want to work, and hope that I will be able to give importance to all those who matter. If you can have a balance between work and your loved ones, you don’t need anything new.

Aishwarya Sen: I have to be more dedicated towards my work and practice the act of forgiving people who have hurt me. When it comes to making a resolution for the New Year, I want to gather the power to control myself in any situation and to maintain a good balance between my professional and personal life. I want to be more successful and would like to pay back the love to my audience via my acting and work skills.

Raj Bhattacharyya: The year 2018 taught me not to be an emotional fool. It’s important to think with your head, and as I did not follow this, I had to face a lot. So that’s the biggest learning, which I am, obviously, going to utilize in 2019. My resolution is to quit smoking; I really want to do that.

Debaparna Chakraborty: Life is about growing every day, learning new things, and becoming what you want to be. But you cannot grow, learn, or become if you cannot embrace the changes in your life. My New Year resolutions: I am now living my plan A. And I’m going to execute my plan B in 2019, which I can’t disclose right now.

Kunal Banerjee: I am about to complete almost five and a half years in this industry. Every New Year teaches me something. In 2017, I played the male lead in the soap Kajallata, and the serial taught me many lessons of life. Professionally, 2018 was not that good. I did a few small roles, and I did some insignificant stuff. I also came across some two-faced people who would behave nicely by being behind a veil. It took time to recognize them, and now, I am keeping distance from them. I would want to forget the year. Every person goes through ups and downs, and I hope 2019 will be good for me. But yes, I must add that in 2018, I found some really good friends. I also came across some people and shared my makeup room with those who guided me and motivated me with their encouraging words. My New Year resolution is to quit smoking. I am going to do it from 1st January itself. I am not a chain smoker though. The second resolution is that I want to purchase a car and do good work. I don’t know what 2019 has in store for me. Let’s hope for the best.

Nabanita Malakar: 2018 was a bad year for me. The only motivation was that I got to essay a good role. My work was about to wrap up, and I was planning to visit my hometown. In the meantime, my grandfather fell ill. He went into a coma. I visited him on Saraswati Puja. Later, I left my work and came back to my hometown, but he had very little time. I felt that he was waiting for me only. I gave him water to drink, and in five minutes, he left us. He breathed his last on 14th December. His demise taught me the power of pure love and made me responsible. He is no more with us, but I want his positive energy to remain with me. He was very close to us. He was our pillar. My father and uncle are suffering; my grandfather’s soul will be peaceful only when his sons are happy. If everyone breaks down at home, then who will take care of the family? I am sad, but then, I also have responsibilities. I must mention a coincidence; in an hour of my grandfather’s death, I received a call for a work assignment, which I was not supposed to get. I think it’s the blessing of my grandfather. This has taught me that if you love someone truly and are honest towards your work, you will be blessed with positive energy. I left my work to be with him and now he is blessing me from above. So 2018 taught me to be positive, and my New Year resolution is to keep loving my family.

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