Bunty brings Rama aunty home; Bunty and Sagarika meet in Pappu’s wedding; Sagarika forced to do the rituals unwillingly in Sony’s new offering Hum Hain Na

Hum Hain Na is a story of Bunty and Sagarika, set in Banaras. Sagarika comes to Banaras after staying in London for 5 years. Her cousin asks her what kind of guy she needs. The show’s hero Bunty is seen helping a rickshaw puller. Bunty’s brother Pappu is getting married. Sagarika comes to her house and gets emotional seeing her mom’s photo frame. Bunty brings Rama aunty home. Badi Didi gets upset as Rama has come. She thinks the shagun which was meant to be given to her will now be given to Rama.

Babuji is upset with Rama because of what has happened over the years. Sada gets happy seeing Rama. Babuji and Rama hug each other and make up. Bunty asks one of his cousins to get a pair of payal for the wedding. Sagarika comes to shop to buy anklets. Bunty’s cousin takes it from Sagarika who is planning to buy it for herself. Sagarika walks off and talks badly about Banaras men. When Bunty gets to know about the truth, he follows Sagarika and returns it to her. Bunty apologizes for his cousin’s mistake and gives her anklet. Sagarika smiles. Buaji gives the responsibilities for marriage preparations to his family members.

A girl is shown praying infront of tree. She asks Bunty to take their selfie. Amma recalls her mannat and gets sad. She cries. Bunty asks, why she is crying. Amma tells him that if she doesn’t fulfill the mannat then Pappu’s life will be in danger. She tells about her wish, she had asked for a wish that if Pappu gets well, then on his wedding day get an ‘Aar Paar’ pooja done. She says, that the time has come, she is worried how will she fulfill it since Dadaji has yet not forgiven her for marrying his son.

Bunty decides to convince Dadaji to forgive them. Sagarika asks her friend to convince her Dad to let her send to the marriage. Sagarika emotionally blackmails her dad. He agrees finally. Bunty requests Dadaji to forgive his mum and take back the promise. Dadaji gets emotional and forgives her. They reaches the ghat to fulfill the mannat.

The family is fulfilling the mannat, another boat sails ahead breaking the garland which Pappu is about to tie. Sagarika is there on the boat with her aunt and friend. Sagarika argues with them. Pappu gets irked and angry. Sagarika’s aunt argues with Panditji. Dadaji asks Pappu to continue with the rituals. Bunty calms down everyone. He apologizes to Sagarika on his family’s behalf. Sagarika thinks he is different from his family. She asks for the anklet’s price which she has not paid. Bunty refuses.

Pappu gets ready and goes to the bride’s house with the baraat. Sagarika also goes there from bride’s side. A lady asks Sagarika to join the girls and gives her water tub. Panditji identifies her laughing at Pappa and refuses to get his feet washed by her. Aunty asks her to wash Bunty’s feet to wash her sins. She washes Bunty’s feet. Bunty asks her to stop. She tells him that he is not what she thought of him to be. Satya hears that and thinks she is arrogant.

Sagarika fulfill the custom unwillingly and gets upset. Ubali consoles her and tells her that it was just a ritual. Bunty who hears her conversation says rituals are for people to unite. She argues with him.

They argue about the existence of unnecessary customs and rituals. Panditji tries to convince groom’s parents for Ratna’s alliance. Groom’s mom says she cannot let her son married to Ratna as they don’t match. Bunty intervenes and argues with the Boy’s parents who are rejecting his older sister’s marriage proposal. Bunty consoles Ratna.

Pappu eagerly asks his mom to do it fast as mahurat is passing. He gets bride’s message. Mariage rituals start. Pappu looks at the bride and wants to get the marriage done faster. Bunty looks at Sagarika. Sagarika says her friend that Pappu is taking care of his bride even before marriage and hopes he behaves the same after too. Ratna invites Sagarika to her house. Satya tries to talk to Bunty while he was busy arranging bus for the guests.

Pappu eagerly waits to go home. Sagarika goes along with the Baraatis to the Mishra house. Bunty eagerly waits for her outside the bus and thinks he missed the chance to say her good bye. Keep reading.

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