Bunty decides not to take his relationship forward with Sagarika until Lakshmi accepts her; Sagarika gets upset over her name change in Sony’s Hum Hain Na.

In Hum Hain Na, Bunty brings Lakshmi to his marriage venue. He gets married to Sagarika with everyone’s blessings. Lakshmi is not happy though as she feels she lost her son to Sagarika. Sagarika bids farewell to her family and gets into car cryingly. Lakshmi prepares thali to greet new bahu. Satya comes and starts badmouthing about Sagarika. Lakshmi says Sagarika is her family member now and she will not listen anything against her. Satya changes the track and emotionally blackmails her. Mishraji brings Bunty and Sagarika home. Lakshmi greets them and takes her to pooja room. During ring finding ritual, Bunty gets the ring and gives it to Sagarika. Rani remarks that Bunty have to listen to his wife now. Lakshmi gets irked and asks him to go to his room. Ratna, Swara, Rani leave Sagarika in her room and tease Sagarika.

Satya thinks Sagarika forcefully took her place and befriends with Sagarika. Bunty goes to Lakshmi and asks her to tell what is bothering her. She says he will give more preference to Sagarika now. He says his Amma is his first preference and will do whatever it takes for her happiness. He promises that until she accepts Sagarika as her bahu, he will not celebrate suhaag raat with Sagarika. Satya mixes sleeping tablet in Bunty/Sagarika’s milk and keeps It in their room. Bunty comes to his room and tells Sagarika that it is their first night, but he wants to wait for sometime until Amma accepts you. Sagarika gets sad. He says he wants to be her boyfriend for sometime and enjoy the feeling. Sagarika smiles. He gets her an anklet and makes her wear it. Sagarika likes it. Bunty gives her milk. Sagarika drinks it. He tells her how she start loving her at first sight. Sagarika falls asleep as soon as she drinks milk. Bunty drapes blanket over her seeing her sound asleep and tells I love you. He sleeps then.

Lakshmi goes to Bunty’s room and sees Bunty and Sagarika sleeping separately. She gives tea to Bunty. Bunty tries to wake up Sagarika and goes to kitchen to prepare ginger tea for her. Pappu asks Rani to get Sagarika do the household work. Bunty takes Sagarika to the kitchen and makes kheer as Sagarika is still sleeping. He gets romantic and tries to kiss her, when Lakshmi comes and gets shocked recalling his promise. Satya comes to Bunty’s house and recalls adding sleeping tablets in Sagarika and Bunty’s milk and thinks how will Sagarika prepare kheer while sleeping. Sagarika and Bunty serve kheer to everyone. Everyone praises its taste while Lakshmi realizes that Bunty has prepared kheer. Bunty asks Amma to give shagun to Sagarika. Amma tells that she will give it to one who prepared the kheer. Bunty tells her that he just helped her. Amma finally gives sari to Sagarika as shagun.

Lakshmi tells Sagarika that she wants to change her name to Parvati. Sagarika thinks she cannot let her mother’s given name changed. Lakshmi asks her to wear sari and come for naming ceremony pooja. Sagarika tries to speak up, but Lakshmi asks her to come soon. Bunty gets into room to help her. Sagarika tells Bunty that she cannot change her name as her late mom kept it. Bunty says he will speak to his Amma. Pappu tries to help his wife in the kitchen, but Lakshmi gives him another work instead. He gets sad. Bunty helps Sagarika wear sari and compliments that she is looking like perfect Mishra Bahu. Sagarika is asked to wear saree entire day. She gets tensed. All ladies gather for the naming ceremony function. Rama gives bangles to Bunty and asks him to make Sagarika wear it.

Swara gives Sagarika a bottle and says she has to prepare juice from it. Bunty signals her how to open it. Sagarika opens bottle and prepares juice. Bunty signs her to wipe the edges before closing lid. Everyone praises her. Lakshmi notices Bunty helping Sagarika and gets irked. Satya too gets irked hearing ladies praising Sagarika. She pushes Sagarika. Bunty comes to her rescue and takes her inside. Dadi tells Sagarika about Dada. Bunty watches them and thinks he has to convince his amma to accept Sagarika. Lakshmi performs puja while Sagarika cleans her way on the bank of river. Dadi asks Lakshmi to change Sagarika’s name on this auspicious day. Lakshmi says they can change name at home. Sagarika gives her hand so that Lakshmi comes out of water. Sagarika gets tensed over her name changing by Lakshmi. She checks the gifts and doesn’t find Amma’s gift. Bunty goes to get Amma’s gift. Keep reading.