Chahatt Khanna speaks about casting couch and #Metoo movement

Chahatt Khanna is known for her work in television shows like Kumkum – Pyara Sa Bandhan, Bade Achhe Lagte Hain and Qubool Hai. She has also done films like Thank You and Ek Main Ek Tum. The actress recently spoke about casting couch and #Metoo movement.

The actress shared with an entertainment portal, that casting directors were also part of it and they will never admit it. She even added saying that the casting couch existed on a large scale and initially she did not go into the film industry because of this reason and was happy in the TV industry.

Chahatt, who was last seen in Qubool Hai, further said that #Metoo movement is a fashion trend and some people even took cheques and kept quiet. She called the entire movement a ‘publicity stunt’ and said jinka publicity stunt tha, woh kaam kar gaya. While she even said that many actresses did not even raise their voices. She said that there were few actors whose names would have surfaced in the movement but did not.

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