Confirmed: No winner for ‘Ticket to Finale’ in Bigg Boss, here’s why…

Bigg Boss introduced a rather interesting task this week, where the housemates were given a chance to win the ticket to finale. According to the rule, the inmates had to tussle amongst each other to win the task wherein the house was renovated as mountain.

Everyone by now knows that Luv Tyagi and Puneesh Sharma have won the task and are the two contenders to win the ticket. In a rather interesting twist introduced by the makers, both Luv and Puneesh will be pitted against each other. Bigg Boss will introduce another task called BB Museum where the house will be renovated as museum. Both Luv and Puneesh will have to turn into thieves in two different turns and steal artifacts from the museum.

According to the task for each individual, the housemates will turn into security guards and the monuments will be prized 25 lakhs respectively. This 25 Lakhs for Luv and Puneesh will collectively amount to 50 Lakhs and will become winner’s cash prize. Luv and Puneesh both will have to steal monuments of around 13 lakhs which will be deducted from the sum total of the winner’s cash prize. That means even if Luv and Puneesh steal any amount, it will be deducted from the total cash prize.

As a result, no one would be able to steal an amount of 13 Lakhs and none of them will win the ticket to finale.

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