‘DRUNK’ Raghav ‘HUMILIATES’ Naina in Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil!

While Naina tries to make Raghav’s birthday special.

Star Plus’ Pardes Mein Hai Mera Dil will soon witness a new drama unfolding in Naina and Raghav’s life on the occasion of Raghav’s birthday.

The storyline will witness Veer confessing to Dadi that he tried to harm Naina after which Naina will be brought home. Dadi will try to get Naina and Raghav closer and the former too will start developing feelings for the latter after finding out that Raghav is a noble soul.

Naina will soon come to know about Raghav’s birthday and will be excited to make him feel special. She will decorate the entire room beautifully to surprise Raghav when he comes home. But this surprise will turn into Naina’s nightmare when Raghav will come home drunk!

A source informs, “Raghav will be furious to see the decorations and will lose complete control of himself. He will throw a fit and will pull off all the decoration. Not only that, he will also throw the cake specially baked by Naina on the floor, leaving Naina perplexed and highly disturbed!”

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