Eisha Chopra feels working with Ekta Kapoor is tough

Find out what the “Bewafa Si Wafaa” dialogue writer had to say about the producer

Eisha Chopra was hired as a dialogue writer for “Bewafa Si Wafaa”, but bagged a role in the web series after a dialogue narration. She says working with producer Ekta Kapoor is “tough in the best way possible”.
Eisha, who also featured in “Neerja”, is excited for the web series for ALTBalaji app. The show also stars Dipannita Sharma and Samir Soni.
“Tough in the best way possible! Ekta is a perfectionist. She will only approve of a scene when it strikes the correct emotional chord for her. For an actor, when the emotional thread is dropped, the character is lost- no matter what the story or plot is. I know it sounds like a given, but people tend to forget that when they’re working.” Eisha told IANS over mail from Mumbai.
Eisha says the show tells the story of an extramarital affair with the tagline – What if you meet your soulmate after you met your life partner?
Talking about her role, she said: “My character Jyotsna is the unknowing link between the couple. Even though the situation itself is always grave… She’s very cut and dry and lives by her own code of conduct. She practically speaks like a meme and usually says everything that everyone thinks but can’t say out loud. I really wish I was more like her. I think I channeled that while playing the part!”
Eisha was shocked when she was offered the role.
“I was in Ekta Kapoor’s office for a dialogue narration when she offered the role to me. Much more exciting than auditioning I hadn’t seen myself as the character when I first read the brief.
“But I soon realized that that’s what was interesting about the casting. Plus it was a such a great opportunity- how often do actors get to write their own lines? I got the chance to create her from scratch, and all my points of view on life slowly turned into dialogues from her mouth.”

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