Finally! Akanksha Puri takes revenge from Paras Chhabra

Bigg Boss 13 is one of the most loved shows on television, and is one of the most successful shows on television. Now Paras who is one contestant in the Bigg Boss house grabbed the headlines for his closeness with Mahira Sharma and this ruined his relationship with girlfriend Akanksha.

The latter has admitted during the weekend ka vaar episode that he openly wanted to break up with Akansha, and he wanted to put an end to the relationship before entering the Bigg Boss house but it was Akansha who wanted to keep the relationship. All of this seems to have irked Akanksha who is now in revenge mode.

After refusing to send Paras Chhabra clothes for this week, Akanksha Puri was caught chilling with the ex-contestant of Bigg Boss, Ajaz Khan. They even made a video that went viral instantly. In the video, we hear Ajaz calling Paras Chhabra ‘Gadha’ and that he only deserves Mahira Sharma

He calls Akanksha Puri beautiful and we see the lady laughing hard as Ajaz sort of defames her boyfriend Paras Chhabra.

Akanksha sure seems to be in no mood to forgive Paras. Meanwhile, in yesterday’s episode, we saw Paras getting agitated with all the taunts coming his way.

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