From an intern to a Creative Head in just a year!: Take a look at Sonali Singh’s journey

MUMBAI: There are several individuals who work extremely hard behind the camera and give their sweat and blood to make a project the success it is. There are actors whom we completely adore on-screen and often the people who cast them in the character, or the one who prepares the dialogues for them or makes them look fabulous on-screen are hardly given credit!

Today, we bring you one such person who is a star personality in her own right. Her father is proud of her and she is ‘self-made’ in the truest sense!

Sonali Singh has worked her way up hard and today as she sits on the position of a Creative Head of Sphere Origins. In conversation with business loan, Sonali shared a brief about her journey into Television and her future plans.

She elaborated, “I have done my Honours in Microbiology and I am an English Literature student too. I hail from Delhi and I had no plans to come to Mumbai until 18th October 2016. I was studious and was active in writing for Time Of India, Head the film, fashion and dance society in my college among many other creative activities. My friend happened to visit Mumbai and suggested to join the creative space which was an amalgamation of all what I do separately. I was about to start my preparing for my civil exams to become an IAS as my father wanted me to be one. There is strict discipline practised in my family where I am required to be home at a particular time so convincing them about me moving out and settling in a city where no one was known was impossible. But destiny had it and after a telephonic interview, my first day of landing into the city of dreams was also my first day of work at Balaji Telefilms. “

The first project Sonali worked on was Kalash for Life OK as an intern under an Associate Creative Head. After two and a half months, she was given the same position and her happiness was known beyond bounds as she worked on Kumkum Bhagya.

Sonali said, “I wanted to prove and make my family proud. I belong to a family where I do not have to think twice about spending but here I was restricted as I wanted to manage in the income I received and help my family as well from it. As they say; Mumbai aake ek raat Parle-G biscuit kha ke na bitayi toh aap kya Mumbai aaye….”

The pretty looking then got an opportunity in Swastik where she got her hands on VFX and she creatively supervised it along with her line of duties. And then came a golden opportunity her way in the form of a Creative Head in Sphere Origins!

“My dad visited me and was surprised to see me in my own cabin and people respecting me. I recently did Internet Wala Love and it has been a wonderful journey from an intern to a Creative Head in a span of hardly a year which is a rare achievement!” she added.

Elaborating on the perks and challenges, Sonali mentioned that this is an industry where you cannot afford to take leaves or work at your own pace because we all have to meet deadlines. But the good thing is I was blessed to have good people around me who understood my style of working and gave e my time to get through it. Also, when I joined Porus, I did not know VFX I just took up a show and knew for a fact that I am going to deal with the Hindi which is too ancient for me.

I read my first draft six times before I got the hang of it. Porus is different from a daily soap. And for me, it was a working and learning experience.

Talking about her experience being a part of this industry, Sonali said, “There is no personal life, day or night especially when the show is in the initial stage. You can only relax a big and get that ‘me time’ after a span of about 50 episodes. “

When asked about dealing with actors and their tantrums, she denied facing any of it and shared of her relationship was very cordial and that actors usually discussed with her and they reached a mutual agreement.

Way to go Sonali! business loan wishes you all the luck in your future endeavours.

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