Gathbandhan fame Shurti Sharma meets with an accident, advised bed rest

Shruti Sharma was taking driving lessons with her instructor on the empty streets of Mumbai in the morning. Unfortunately, the actress’ car was hit by a mini truck.

“There was a narrow gully coming up and my instructor asked me to honk so any vehicle coming our side gets alerted. Despite doing that, I couldn’t escape the unfortunate incident. A mini truck hit us, on the side of my driving instructor. We were immediately taken to the hospital as the instructor got badly hurt. I on the other hand didn’t get hurt, but my entire body went into shock, spraining my back sorely. I am lucky that I live with my family because they came as soon as they heard about what happened and now I am recovering,” says Shruti.

The moment Shruti got hit, she went into a state of shock and was blank for those few minutes. The jerk was so strong that she couldn’t comprehend. Then after a few minutes, she could hear people screaming and helping her get out of the car.

Shruti has to be in physiotherapy for at least 15 days and on complete bed rest for the next 7 days.

Here’s wishing the actress a speedy recovery.

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