Girls display their WILD side on India’s Next Top Model

The upcoming episode is sure as hell going to be a sultry one on India’s Next Top Model as contestants get ready for their Old Wild West task.
The task involved girls to dress up as hot cowgirls and get on a mechanical bull and ride it while the photographer shot them. This task was rather fun, however, a few contestants did get a tad bit nervous while performing the task as they fell off the bull while riding it.
The girls looked stunning as they dressed themselves in denims, plaid shirts and the signature hat. Anusha Dandekar was present along with the girls as she mentored them to perform the task better.
A source close to the sets said, “It was a fun task. The girls looked gorgeous, especially Parina and Shweta performed the task really well. Anusha seemed to be particularly impressed by the girls and their photos. ”

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