Gold coins, silverware, and utensils: Telly actors have their Dhanteras shopping list ready

MUMBAI: As we gear up to celebrate Dhanteras, TV actors share their shopping plans for the festival this year.

Sneha Wagh: I follow the ritual of buying gold on every Dhanteras, be it a gold coin or something small. It makes me feel good and positive. Moreover, girls like any form of shopping.

Anand Goradia: This Dhanteras also, I will buy silver, as it is considered a shagun. It can be anything, from a coin or vessel to an idol. I have been following the ritual for many years.

Ankit Siwach: Personally, I have never bought anything specifically for Dhanteras, but yes, I do call up my family and ask what they have bought. I share happiness and celebrate. I might buy something in gold this year. Let’s see. This year is special, as my show is starting as well.

Shashank Vyas: I will be investing in some gold this year, as it has resale value. Gold is always considered auspicious.

Laksh Lalwani: Dhanteras is special for me, because it means that Diwali is not far away now. As a kid too, I used to get so excited. Maybe this year, I will buy something for the house.

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