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MUMBAI: Missed an episode of your favourite show? Well, we are here to update you. Read on for written updates on all the shows you love!

Kasautii Zindagii Kay 2: Prerna Decides to Marry Naveen to Save Her House

The episode starts with Prerna welcoming Mukherjee as he is there with the papers. Prerna keeps the papers away, but as fate would have it, the papers fly towards her.

She reads them and is shocked. She decides to go and check with Mohini. Anurag sees Prerna running all the way. She asks Mohini how they can repay that amount in such a short time period.

Mohini says that she can save her family by making a choice. Prerna meets Naveen on Howrah Bridge. He gives Prerna 19 hours to decide on her fate and marry him so he can save her family. Prerna is left shattered.

She is ashamed of herself for sacrificing her life. She decides to make a choice and save her family.

A coin from her bracelet falls down on a boat that Anurag is on, and he makes a wish and throws the coin into the water.

He asks for something magical in his life as he remembers Prerna’s lesson on love. Prerna sees the coin falling into the water and hopes that the person who made the wish has his wish fulfilled.

Anurag goes to the Sharma house to get his book and Veena behaves very rudely with him. He is left confused. As he returns, he sees Prerna entering but she ignores him as she is upset.

She enters the house and tells her family that she is marrying Naveen, as she wants to have all the good things in life. Her mother slaps her, her father begs her, and all hell breaks loose, but she is undeterred.

Ishqbaaaz: Shivaay Exposes Mohit in Front of the Media

The episode starts with Mohit telling the audience that he is going to perform his biggest disappearing act. Nancy realizes that she has been caught red-handed by Shivaay himself.

There, Rudra panics as he tries calling Shivaay before Mohit disappears forever. Om says that Shivaay has probably got to Nancy before she escapes. They both go in to watch Mohit’s act.

Mohit calls for a volunteer to give a sample of his disappearing act. Later, he says that now, he himself will disappear and no one will ever be able to find him. He tries pulling off the act but is not able to do that.

Soon, Majnu comes on stage and tells Mohit that he didn’t know recognize him the same way he didn’t recognize the real Mohit. He reveals himself to be Shivaay and then calls Bhavya on stage, who comes along with Nancy.

The media is shocked to see Nancy alive. Shivaay reveals that Nancy is not Mohit’s wife, but Priya was. Priya was the girl who was actually murdered that night.

As it turns out, Mohit was always planning this. So, he tampered with the CCTV as soon as he entered the Oberoi house. He then made Nancy throw herself on Shivaay time and again. On the party night, he spiked everyone’s drinks so that no one remembered anything from the night.

He then brought Priya to the Oberoi house dressed like Nancy and killed her. Shivaay reveals how he came across Nancy and realized that his best friend was his greatest enemy.

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Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Hai: Naira Wants to Marry Kartik Before Her Surgery

The episode starts with Naira bending down in front of Kartik as the family watches. She tells him that she has caused so much pain to the family, but now, she wants to give them the happiness that she can.

She asks Kartik to marry her. The family is very happy to see this and Kartik seeks everyone’s permission to make Naira his wife. He enters the doctor’s cabin and seeks permission to marry Naira.

The doctor is reluctant as he says that Naira’s condition is continuously deteriorating and she must have immediate aide and marriage will just delay things.

Kartik begs the doctor saying this is Naira’s wish and he wants to fulfill it for her. The family decides on having a small ceremony in the hospital, but Kartik walks up and says that the doctor has allowed the marriage but not at the main hospital grounds.

Naira is having fun clicking pictures with Luv and Kush when Kartik gives her the news. Later, she goes off to sleep. She wakes up to find her phone and checks it. She sees a recording in which she is speaking to a nurse.

She has denied knowing Kartik. Kartik, meanwhile, is thinking of everything that has happened and how the family asked him to be courageous for Naira’s sake.

Naira panics at the idea of losing Kartik from her memory. She starts throwing things around frantically. Kartik walks up to her room but is not able to open the door. He asks Naira to calm down, as this is temporary. Naira says she will not have the surgery as she can die but not lose Kartik from her memory.

Yeh Hai Mohabbatein: Rohan Rejects Ruhi for Aliya

The episode starts with Shagun and Aliya getting Ruhi ready for her meeting with the prospective groom. Ruhi is still disturbed and she talks to Shagun now.

She tells Shagun that she doesn’t like all this and is feeling very weird. Aliya and Shagun try to cheer her up as they get her ready. Ishita sees Raman with Ruhi’s photo and gets emotional.

Ishita tells Raman that he has to give Ruhi courage. She also teases Raman saying he has become an emotional person now. Ruhi tells Shagun that she feels she is jinxed with all the past failed relationships she has had.

Aliya gets Rohan’s call, who says that he is meeting her that day. Aliya says that she is busy as some guests are coming to her house. The family is all excited about the groom visiting.

Ishita opens the door to Rohan and feels that he is here about the car. Rohan clarifies that he is here to meet a prospective bride. Ishita and the family are excited to have Rohan over as they feel he is very nice.

Rohan says that he already knows their daughter and that he likes her very much. Shagun asks Ruhi if she will go for a business meeting with this attitude.

Mihika walks in and tells Ruhi that she as an admirer and Ruhi is confused about it. Aliya comes out and finds Rohan there. She is excited that Rohan is meeting Ruhi and tells the family that they are friends.

Ruhi refuses to have any knowledge of Rohan. Later, Ruhi too comes out, and the confusion leads to shock when Rohan reveals that he is here for Aliya and not Ruhi.

Kundali Bhagya: Prithvi Comes to the Party

The episode starts with Sherlyn and Monisha telling Prithvi what he has done, and he is so frustrated that he thinks these two are cats and that’s why they keep fighting.

Srishti is looking for Monisha and Preeta comes and asks her what’s the matter. Rakhi introduces Karan and Rishab to all her friends. They say that Sherlyn and Monisha are their would-be daughters-in-law. Sherlyn is coming when she slips and a waiter saves her. Karan starts to laugh.

Srishti is finding ways to humiliate Monisha and Sameer also joins in, and they want to put white paint on her pant and they are finding ways to execute their plans.

Prithvi comes to the party and Karan and Rishab make fun of him and he has brought a gift for Rakhi. He gives her a xylophone saying that she can listen to old music on it with the family. She also likes the idea.

Preeta thinks that it is a plan worth executing. She decides that she will organize a contest between the families at the event and this will make Monisha fall into her trap. Monisha is walking towards the kitchen and Srishti and Sameer are hiding behind the wall.

Srishti says that he must pull the string otherwise Monisha will get away, but Sameer says that this will not be the case and that he made a mistake in helping her. Srishti gets mad and says he always does things that make him look like a fool. They start to fight, Srishti gets loud and is about to go ahead at which point Sameer stops her by holding her mouth with his hands.

Ishq Subhan Allah: Kabir Threatens to Kill Ruksaar

The episode starts with Ayesha telling Ruksaar that she can’t wear colorful clothes as she is a widow. Ruksaar asks Kabir what to do and everyone is shocked as to why is she asking him. She tells him he is a priest and he can help her out. Zara tells her that she can wear anything, as according their religion Islam doesn’t tell a widow not to wear colorful clothes.

Kabir calls Ruksaar and warns her of what she is doing. He tells her the previous time when you troubled Zara I had to stand with her as it was my duty, and now I have fallen madly in love with her and if you do anything to my love, the same Kabir who saved your life will kill you then.

In the morning, Kabir and Zara offer prayers together. Ruksaar calls her friend Rumana and tells her to send her marriage certificate to India and this is related to her life and death.

Ruksaar comes with tea in Kabir’s room and Zara is shocked to see her there. She says that she wanted to have tea with Kabir and Zara. She offers tea to Kabir and he tells her that he has tea only from Zara’s hand and Ruksaar is hurt after hearing this.

Kabir goes to the washroom and is in a dilemma to what to do. He is confused he doesn’t want to lie to Zara and at the same time he doesn’t want to hurt her. He decides to wait until their wedding.

Zara says to Kabir that today is your turban-wearing ritual. I waited for this day so much. Kabir hugs her and says I know. He says I promise to do everything today that will make you happy. Zara smiles.

Kumkum Bhagya: Tarun Hits Pragya and Stops Her From Taking Neha Home

The episode starts with Pragya asking Neha to come with her but she refuses to leave Tarun and come. They try to make Pragya understand that Neha’s mother is against their love story, and that’s why they had to take this decision as her mother was getting her married to someone else without her consent.

Pragya is taking Neha forcibly from there when Tarun hits her and she falls down and is unconscious. That’s when Neha tells him that she was married to Abhi and she is her chachi.

Neha tells the whole story to Tarun. Pragya had locked Abhi in the car. Everyone makes fun of him. Pragya regains consciousness and asks Tarun and Neha to leave her as they have tied her. They tell her that they can’t live without each other and they want to marry the person they love.

Pragya thinks of her and Abhi’s days and they run away again. Abhi tells Disha what happened and she tells him that he will always be happy to lose against Pragya.

Pragya thinks she shall take them home somehow and recalls her promise made to King. She thinks of their words and thinks what to do.

Kullfi Kumarr Bajewala: Sikandar Spends Time With Kullfi

The episode starts with Amyra makes a lovely collage for Sikandar, and Kullfi is sad that she doesn’t have a family but is happy to see Amyra’s collage. Lovely tells Sikandar not to tell the truth to Amyra and she won’t be able to accept this bitter truth.

Sikandar rushes to Amyra who has injured herself and tell her he loves her very much. She presents the collage to them and takes a promise from Lovely and Sikandar that they will always stay together. Lovely promises her and makes Sikandar take the promise.

Sikandar runs out as he is hurt with Amyra’s truth and Kullfi starts to sing a song that makes Sikandar feel better. Kullfi says she misses her cow though she doesn’t have a blood relation with him. Sikandar tells her that some relationship is connected through a heart and not by blood. He gets an answer as to what to do with Amyra and decides to accept her with his heart.

Lovely asks Sikandar what is his decision he says that he is ready to accept Amyra but she has done injustice with Kullfi and he will never forgive her for that and he will leave to Kullfi’s village to know the truth.

Silsila Badalte Rishton Ka: Kunal’s Concern for Mauli

The episode starts with Kunal questioning Virat about why he put Mauli’s dress on fire. Tara and Virat are very angry on the accusation and Tara tells Mauli that what a fool she has been that she didn’t know that her husband was having an affair with her best friend and it’s because of ladies like that women are so weak and they forgive their husbands very easily.

Kunal comes and defends Mauli and tells Tara and Virat that he has to be blamed as he is characterless and he slipped out of the marriage and Mauli is strong and she is taking care of the family also.

Mauli is thinking about how Kunal defended her and Mama comes and explains to her that sometimes things changes in the marriage. Maybe Kunal’s love has gone but he respects you a lot and now love has been replaced by respect.

Kunal sees Dida laughing while watching a clip, and he also laughs and comes and tells her that he is not going anywhere and he will forever stay with her. He tells that he needs to go to meet her friend and Dida tells him to go along with Mauli. They don’t have an option so they leave together.

Mauli tells Kunal she knows where he is going, and Mauli gets down at the hospital. Kunal feels guilty to leave her and go as it’s too late. He tells her that they should go home as it’s too late.

Nandini has cooked food for Kunal but he calls her and tells her that he can’t come and apologizes for not meeting for two days. They continue to talk the whole night.

Ishq Mein Marjawan: Surekha Is Murdered

The episode starts with Deep asking Aarohi did Surekha say anything. She says that you bought her to your house and now she is scared of you, and you have many secrets you better tell me what you are up to then only your baby will trust you.

He tells her that many will instigate you against me, but it’s up to you whether you want to believe me or no and in 24 hours you will know that truth.

The next morning, Deep tells Aarohi that they can invest in this casino and then they will become very rich. Virat shows some papers to Tara and she tells him how did you do it. He tells her I have secured our future and now Deep will never get his mom and she is our trump card.

Deep comes and hugs Tara and she says I know you will never leave. They have a romantic moment with each other, and Tara gets a message and she needs to go to meet Virat. Aarohi gets a message from Surekha to meet her.

Aarohi comes to the place and she sees Tara, Virat, and Deep over there and she tells it’s a trap. Surekha voice over is heard and she says she has called everyone to know the truth. As she walks towards them, someone comes in a bike and slits her throat.

Aarohi is shocked and goes to hold her. Surekha is about to tell her something when Deep comes from behind and say I won’t let anything happen to you. Tara comes and points a gun at Deep.

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