Here’s why Ashish Chanchlani REJECTED Bigg Boss Season 11’s offer!

The Digital Viner was approached for the reality show.

Bigg Boss is creating quite the line-up for Season 11 and its turning out to be pretty controversial one until now. We heard Ashish Chanchlani, one of the most popular viners on the internet was approached by Bigg Boss to enter the house this season. We asked Ashish what he thinks about it and here’s what he said-

The actor who rejected the offer said, “Yes, Endemol was interested but I told them I’m not available. I feel the house rules will be difficult to adhere to.”

We asked him why he rejected the offer and if the immense popularity of the show hold any attraction to him. And, he seemed indifferent and said, “I’m a bit of a bossy person and I also tend to get homesick. More than popularity, peace and space is important.”

Turns out, he was given a call more than once from the production house but the viner stuck to his decision. What do you think? Would you have liked to see him on Bigg Boss Season 11?

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