In a fight between Nepotism vs Talent ‘Hard Work’ always wins: Gulki Joshi

While there are varied opinions of actors from the industry Gulki Joshi has a different take altogether. Nepotism has become a talking point in the industry and igniting a debate many are of the opinion that it affects while it doesn’t bother the rest.

Sharing her thoughts on the talk she says,”I think nepotism exists in every industry not just ours but it gets all the limelight since ours is a showbiz. Though I still think it’s not a big thing because there are examples in the industry who have not made it that big in spite of having a Godfather in the industry and there are examples who have made it well in the industry without any godfather.”

When asked if she faced at favoritism, she said,” I didn’t face any problems in getting work. I come from a theatre background so it was a bit easy to get work as people from theatre background are considered more for performance based roles. I always had that advantage. I also feel that no matter how talented you are, no matter if you have a godfather if you don’t work hard you won’t grow. An actor has to keep working hard if he is talented in order to get his work recognised and has to stay grounded or the industry will kick you out.”

On the work front Gulki Joshi is seen playing the lead in Maddam Sir – Kuch Baat Hai Kyunki Jazbaat Hai on Sab TV.

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