June Maliah’s return intensifies drama quotient in Colors Bangla’s Resham Jhanpi

KOLKATA: With June Maliah’s reentry, the drama quotient in Colors Bangla’s Resham Jhanpi is set to intensify.

Read on to know what the upcoming episodes have in store for you.

Gauri (Sudipta) forgets her present identity completely and becomes Rani. Rupmoti Basu Thakur (June Maliah) leaves in search of her and reaches the Majumdar house. She tries to use her black magic and hypnotizes Gauri/Rani so that she can prove her to be the murderer of her daughter Munia (Aditi).

Rani pretends to be hypnotized, and when police comes to their house, she tries to kill Rupmoti, who in turn almost confesses the truth. But at that point, it is revealed that Billo (Sukhdip Saha), Gauri’s husband, is missing.

Rani and Rupmoti are at loggerheads. What will happen now? Will Rupmoti’s black magic work?

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