Madhu kills Shikha’s brother Vineet, Samaira attends the funeral, Aditya gets parcel pointing suspicion on Samaira to be Shikha in Sony’s Main Naa Bhoolungi.

In Main Naa Bhoolungi, Mohanto stops Aditya from leaving the house and apologizes to him. Aditya hugs him and thinks he did so much drama to convince Mohanto. He can’t leave a lavish life. Mohanto calls him son and informs them that their new hotel inauguration will be done by Aditya and Samaira. Madnu takes an antidote injection and thinks to do something to make Samaira confess that she is Shikha. Neeraj comes to her room and sees her missing. Madhu hides. Mohanto and his family come for hotel inauguration.

Madhu comes to Avinash’s house while holding a gun. Madhu calls Samaira from Sudha’s phone and tells her that she kept her family hostage. Madhu asks Samaira to tell the truth to everyone in the inauguration party. Samaira gets tensed and asks her not to trouble her family. Madhu threatens to kill them. Neeraj rushes to Avinash’s house and informs Samaira.

Samaira decides to accept that she is Shikha infront of everyone. Madhu scares her by firing a bullet and tells her that she shoots at Avinash. She tells her to confess soon. Neeraj comes there and tries to get hold of Madhu. Madhu sees him and asks him to sit on sofa quietly else she will kill him. Samaira and Aditya cuts the inauguration ribbon. Samaira gets up and tells everyone that she wants to confess something. Madhu shoots at Neeraj and Vineet comes in between and gets shot. Sudha shouts. Samaira hears her and leaves the function in a hurry. Neeraj hits Madhu on her head making her unconscious.

Sudha, Avinash and Mahi cries seeing Vineet dying. Sudha tells him that she will take him to the hospital. Vineet asks her to call Shikha as he wants to see her before death. Samaira reaches there and tells Vineet that she will take him to the hospital. Vineet asks her to tie the Rakhi on his wrist. Samaira ties the Rakhi on his hand and he dies. Police arrives there. Neeraj takes Shikha inside the room. Avinash tells the Police that Madhu has killed his son. Shikha gets angry on Neeraj and slaps him.

Police informs Mohanto about Madhu killing Vineet. Aditya thinks Madhu must be right as Samaira left the function midway. Sudha and Avinash asks Shikha not to let her brother sacrifice go waste. They ask her to fight for Manav. Samaira dreams of confessing her identity and Aditya throwing her out. Samaira informs Aditya that she left the function as her dad got a heart attack. Now he is out of danger. Shikha decides to kill Madhu and Aditya.

Doctor informs Mohanto that Madhu slipped into coma and they can’t say when she will gain consciousness. Mohanto decides to take her home and requests the Inspector to arrest her once she gets well. Samaira thinks to punish her. Samaira thinks to stab Madhu, but then thinks to wait for the day when she begs for her life. Aarya comes to see Madhu.

Shikha tells Mohanto that they shall go and apologize to Vineet’s family as Madhu killed him. Mohanto refuses. Samaira thinks how to attend her brother’s funeral and feels helpless. Meanwhile Aditya thinks he will become a MD soon and tells Aarya that she will look at him like a foolish girl. Sunaina convinces Mohanto that they shall give their condolences to Vineet’s family. Mohanto agrees. They go to Avinash’s house. Sudha stops them, but Samaira insists her to let them attend the funeral. Sudha agrees. Vineet’s body is taken for the funeral. Avinash gives fire to Vineet’s body.

Aditya gets a letter that Samaira is Shikha and attended Vineet’s funeral. Aditya reaches there. Mohanto tells him that he brought Samaira here and apologized to Avinash. Shikha apologizes to Neeraj, but he doesn’t listen to her and leaves. Later Aditya gets an envelope pointing suspicion on Samaira. He questions Mohanto why he went to Avinash’s house. Mohanto tells him that Samaira insisted and Sunaina also agreed. Aditya doubts Samaira when he hears her talking on phone about Arnav’s custody. Avinash asks her to return home soon. Samaira tells him that she loves Arnav very much. Aditya gets a parcel again. He opens it and finds Avinash’s pic with and without moustache. He thinks how Samaira and Shikha’s father has the same face and thinks to find out the truth. Keep reading.