Mahika Sharma’s secret to stay fit, healthy, sexy during lockdown

Actress Mahika Sharma, who is currently in the UK, says she enjoys pole dancing as it helps her to stay fit, energetic, healthy and sexy during the ongoing lockdown.

“As there are no gyms or yoga training centres open, I’m poledancing to maintain myself and keep my energy on. It’s a great way for me to de-stress,” she said.

“The best part of pole dancing is that it’s incredibly fun. You don’t even realise that you’re exercising. This also makes it easier to keep going and not give up anytime,” she added.

The former Miss Teen Northeast said she was initially shy.

“When I first started pole dancing, I was horrified at the thought of having to wear shorts in public, being exceptionally shy about my legs and my skin. Then I quickly realised that no one in a pole dancing class judges you,” she said.

“Everyone is there to learn and be challenged, and it unites you in a common cause. You learn to accept your body for what it is and turn your focus away from appearance and on to achieving that. It’s incredibly liberating. Of course, being such a great form of exercise, you start feeling stronger and more confident,” she added.

She feels that pole dancing also gives people a “sense of confidence, independence, sexiness and strength that no other sport can do. It isn’t just amazing for your outer body but for your inner self too”.

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