Maya’s SEDUCTRESS avatar will surely seduce you!

Beyhadh’ just got hotter than it already was.

Sony TV’s ‘Beyhadh’ just underwent a revamp of sorts with the show taking a leap of 3 years. And the dynamics between Maya (Jennifer Winget) and Arjun (Kushal Tandon) have completely changed.

Arjun has realised the fact that Maya is a psychopath and that he was her obsession. He wants to end their marriage.

The current track of the show is focussing on how Maya is hell bent on not letting Arjun go from her life. She goes on to lie in front of the media about her pregnancy and also embarrasses Arjun publicly.

And as seen in the precap, Maya will pole dance to the tunes of ‘Manali Trance’ in a club to teach Arjun a lesson for talking to Saanjh whom he meets after 3 long years.

And here is a small peek into what the sequence is going to be.

Isn’t the whole dance sequence extremely hot?

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