Meera Desothale: I am self-made

Actor Meera Deosthale came to Mumbai with a dream and a lot of apprehension in her heart about how the city and the industry would be to her. However, a few years down the line, and Meera has already made quite a name for herself through her shows Udaan and Vidya. Talking about how it all began for her, she says, “I am from a small town and I had a lot of inhibitions about Mumbai and the entertainment industry. But since the time I came here, I had the support of my mom, who has been living with me. She is always there and her guidance has been incredible. I remember she would accompany me when I would go for 3-4 auditions in a day and we would only return home at night. But Udaan, it has been a bit easier,” she says.

In fact, life changed after Udaan quite drastically, she says, “Udaan was a great show and it made me who I am. I remember my mom would often get calls after my episodes in Udaan. My parents were also apprehensive about me being part of the industry, but seeing me in Udaan actually helped them understand my career choice,” she says.

Her aspiration to become an actor was her biggest motivation, says Meera. “I remember it all started when I asked my mom if I was pretty enough to become an actor. She said yes, but that I needed to work on myself. After that, I got my dad to enroll me in an acting course. I was so focussed and have been since then. I remember I used to love watching Yeh Hai Mohabbatein and actually play out the scenes in my head. I knew this is what I wanted to do in life and that determination is what has helped me get here,” she says.

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