My bad luck, I haven’t danced to Bosco’s steps yet in my career – Mithun da

Zee TV’s popular dance reality show Dance India Dance has been bringing new challenges to the contestants’ lives week on week. After choreographers like Saroj Khan, Ahmed Khan and Longinus Fernández challenged the contestants in previous episodes, this week will see ace choreographer Bosco Martis of Bosco-Ceaser Duo throwing challenges at the contestants.

Raising the bar of competition, the national award winner Bosco challenged the contestants on the grounds of ‘Risk- Taking for the act, Challenge yourself to-do better than last performance and chemistry with the partner for the act.’ Thoroughly impressed with the contestant board, Bosco had one impending wish which he wanted to fulfill at DID.

During a moment, Bosco went onto to confess how his favourite Mithun Da movie is ‘Kasam Paida Karne Wale Ki’ and how he has watched that movie 21 times. He revealed, “Dada since I have seen the movie, it was my dream to meet you and shake a leg with you. I feel it’s my bad luck that I haven’t yet got an opportunity to choreograph a song for you. “

The versatile actor and dancer who was in awe of Bosco comments said, “Bosco it isn’t your bad luck but I consider this as my bad luck. You’re a terrific choreographer and have given Bollywood some spectacular songs and steps. I would love to dance on your hook steps someday and shake a leg on it on big screen.”

Overwhelmed with the comments, Bosco requested Dada is they can dance on the title track of the movie ‘Kasam Paida Karne wale Ki’. Dada was more than obliged to fulfill his wish and reminisce his old days of shooting this song.

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