Nandini gets scared to received the love letter, Abhay gets crazy for Nandini in Sony’s Desh Ki Beti Nandini.

Last week, Nandini stops Divya engagement with Gautam and tells everyone that Sid and Divya love each other. Dadi agreed for their marriage. Divya’s Dad and brother refuses to accept Divya and Sid’s alliance. Rajveer and Nandini tries to convince Gayatri Devi. She pretends to accept the alliance. She asks Rajveer and Nandini to support her in election campaign. They agree. Divya is having a tough time convincing her parents. They tell her that it would be difficult for her to adjust in middle class family.

Abhay looks at Nandini’s pics in his bedroom. Gayatri Devi discuss with Abhay about the election campaign. Nandini comes to Abhay and finds him sweating. She offers him handkerchief. He is about to confess his feelings, but is interrupted by Rajveer. Rajveer asks him to rest. Abhay gets jealous. Sid’s parents get worried for Nandini when they come to know about Sid and Divya’s love for each other.

Rajveer and Nandini get romantic. Abhay calls Nandini and doesn’t speak. He hears their romantic conversation and gets jealous and mad. Gayatri Devi asks Nandini to make tea for her in the night. She removes the gas pipe from the cylinder. Nandini goes to make tea, she is about to lit the gas. Just then Rajveer comes and hugs her. He smells the gas and fixes the pipe. Nandini brings tea for Gayatri Devi. She gets shocked. Rajveer tells her that gas pipe was removed intentionally. Gayatri Devi blames the servants.

Gayatri Devi scolds her servants in the morning. They plead innocent. Nandini tells Dadi that Rajveer saved her. Dadi asks Swaroop to call the pandit for the puja. Rajveer asks the servants to be more careful.

Divya goes on a hunger strike to fulfill her wish of marrying Sid. Her parents scold her. Dadi comes and supports Divya. Divya’s Dad asks Swaroop to lock Divya in the room. Divya knocks on the door. Rajveer and Nandini open the door. Rajveer asks her to relax until they convince her. He gives her phone so that she can talk to Sid.

Nandini is in shocked and tears to find someone messaging her I love you messages on her phone. Rajveer throws her sim card in anger. Abhay tries to call Nandini but fails. He comes to know that Nandini has got a new sim card. He tries to get the number but Rajveer spoils his plan.

Divya calls Sid and gets caught by Uttara. She brings her to the hall. She tells Swaroop about Divya calling Sid secretly. Abhay gets mad in Nandini’s love, writes love letters with his blood. Next morning Servant brings tea and newspaper for Rajveer. Nandini serves him tea. Abhay’s hand written love letter falls from the newspaper. Nandini gets shocked and scared.

Rajveer calls the Police. Police reads the love letter in which it was written that he loves him and he is sure that Nandini will come to him. Rajveer tells the Inspector about the gas pipe which was removed from the cylinder. Gayatri says, it is a different issue. Inspector says, he seems to be psychotic person. Abhay sees the letter and asks the Inspector why the person used the red ink. Inspector says, this letter is written with blood. Everyone get shocked. Inspector assures to catch him soon. He questions the servants. Rajveer determines to get the psycho behind bars. Abhay gets tensed.

Sid gets sad. Nandini’s mom thinks to talk to Nandini. Pandeyji refuses to talk to Nandini about Sid. Rajveer comforts Nandini and assures her not to get scared. Abhay hears their conversation and gets crazy. Uttara brings lunch for Divya and asks her to forget Sid. She says, there is a lot of change in our status. Divya says, Rajveer and Nandini got married with different status. Uttara says, love is just waste. Uttara speaks against Sid’s family. Divya cries and refuses to eat.

Abhay is about to hit Gayatri Devi with a vase, just then servant comes and informs that doctor came to take the sample. Doctor takes everyone’s sample and asks Abhay to give the sample as well. Abhay refuses citing urgent work. Doctor insists. Abhay relents. Doctor asks Abhay about the finger injury. Abhay makes an excuse. Doctor takes the blood sample. Abhay gets the address of the lab.

Dadi asks Divya’s parents to accept Divya’s love. His parents refuses to accept. Divya’s mom blames Nandini for Dadi’s low thinking. Dadi takes Nandini’s side. Rajveer informs everyone that report is collected from the lab. Abhay gets tensed. Inspector informs everyone that the letter was written with animal’s blood. He assures Gayatri Devi that he will find the culprit. Uttara and Swaroop are surprised.

Abhay recalls how he entered the lab and changed the original letter with the other letter written with rat’s blood. He smiles. Nandini tells Rajveer that we will go surely to the election campaign. Rajveer says, it is not good until we find the culprit. Abhay comes and tells Rajveer that the prankster will be caught if Nandini goes out. Rajveer agrees. Abhay smiles. What will Gayatri Devi do as she plans to kill Nandini. Keep reading Desh Ki Beti Nandini.