Nandini takes an oath and becomes the CM in Sony’s recently ended show Desh Ki Beti Nandini.

In Desh Ki Beti Nandini, Abhay tries to marry Nandini forcibly. Rajveer and Gayatri Devi come there and ask him to stop with the rituals. Abhay fires the bullet at Rajveer. Gayatri Devi pushes him and the bullet touches her hand. Rajveer beats Abhay and throws the gun. Police arrest Abhay. Abhay says, Nandini is only his. Rajveer frees Nandini’s hands and hugs her. Nandini picks her mangalsutra. Rajveer apologizes to Gayatri Devi and puts a cloth on her injured hand. They hug. Gayatri Devi apologizes to Nandini and asks Rajveer to put the mangalsutra in Nandini’s neck. They hug. They come home and tells everyone about Abhay. They get shocked. Dadisaa shows concern towards Gayatri Devi. She says, she is fine. She apologizes to everyone and tells that she wants to live with her family. Dadi gives credit to Nandini for the family union. Gayatri Devi tells Rajveer that she has arranged a meeting to name a candidate for the CM’s post.

Rajveer thinks Gayatri Devi will take his name for the CM post. He feels sad. Nandini tells him that she might have called him for some other reason. Dadi asks Nandini to talk to her parents about Divya’s pagphera rasam. Divya mingles well with her mom in law. Nandini calls Pandey ji and invites him for the pagphera rasam.

Gayatri Devi announces her decision and tells everything that she has chosen a new candidate for the CM post. She says, she is retiring from politics. She tells everyone that she is giving this responsibility in capable hands and ie’s Nandini. Everyone is surprised. Gayatri Devi tells Nandini that she has proven to be good daughter in law and have worked for the women wing. She says, you are perfect for the CM post. Nandini thanks Gayatri Devi, but says she doesn’t think she can take the responsibility. Rajveer agrees with Nandini.

They come home. Gayatri Devi tells Nandini about corrupt politician and a need for a good politician. Dadi agree with Gayatri Devi and asks Nandini to agree as well. Rajveer gets convinced and asks Nandini to accept. Nandini agrees to join the politics for solving people’s problem. Nandini determines to win. Gayatri Devi tells her about her opponents Inderraj and his son Sushant. Sushant calls Nandini and warns her about losing against them. Nandini asks him to worry for himself.

Divya comes for the pagphera rasam along with Pandey family. Divya praises her new family. Swaroop gets relieved while Uttara comments. Dadi tells Pandeyji about Nandini joining politics. Her parents get happy. Nandini tells them that she wants to do something for the people. Nandini goes for campaign and appeals to the people to vote for her. She promises to solve their problems. Nandini gets to know about the orphanage managing by Inderraj. Someone tells her about something happening with older girls.

Nandini thinks to find out and goes to the orphanage with Rajveer and Nandini. She tries to speak to the girls there. One girl Anita tries to talk to her, but stops as she was scared. Nandini feels something is not right. Anita throws a chit in which it was written that she will turn 12 in a month and then she will be taken somewhere. Nandini gets alarmed. They come to the office and Nandini makes a plan. She convinces Rajveer and Gayatri Devi.

She enters the orphanage in disguise of a young girl. She talks to Anita. Anita tells her that about girls taken somewhere. Manager comes and asks Nandini to come with him as he has found a place for her. He brings her down and two men was waiting. The manager tries to sell Nandini to them. Nandini records everything in a camera fixed to her hair as hair clip. She tells them that they should be ashamed to sell the young girls. Police comes and arrests them. Rajveer comes with media. Media takes Nandini’s interview. Sushant leaves to meet Nandini as the orphanage is funded by his father Inderraj. Everyone is proud of Nandini. Gayatri Devi praises her.

Sushant comes to the PRP office and offers a deal to Nandini to join his party. Nandini flatly refuses. Sushant says, it won’t be good for her. Just then media comes and asks his purpose of visit. Nandini tells them that he offers her to join his party and offered money. Sushant and Nandini argue about their respective party. Sushant tells her that it won’t be easy for her to win. Nandini says, although she is a new comer, but is determined to change the nation for good and have blessings of so many people. Gayatri Devi watches their conversation on TV and feels happy as Nandini shuts his mouth.

Later, Nandini, Rajveer, and Gayatri Devi campaign for her. Nandini won the election by a good margin. She becomes the new CM. She takes blessings from everyone. Gayatri Devi says, that she fulfilled Rajveer’s Dad dream. They hug each other. Nandini goes to take the oath. Dado says, she is giving her bahu for the nation. She takes the oath and gives the speech. She thanks the people for making her win. She thanks them for making an ordinary daughter a nation’s daughter. The public applaud for her. Nandini appeals to the people to won’t allow any injustice happen with any women. Nandini’s parents get emotional seeing her on TV. Everyone is happy at Raghuvanshi house as well. Rajveer and Nandini are standing behind her and smiling. Nandini folds her hands thanking the people. With this Desh Ki Beti Nandini came to an end. It is making way for the show entertainment ke liye kuch bhi karega.